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How our referral program works
How it works
referral program

On your referrals page you can create a personal referral link which you can share with others.

When people signup via your link:

  • They get one month for free (one month extra free trial)
  • You get paid in cash the value of one month of their chosen plan

Go to your referrals page to create your personal referral link

How it works for the referrer

Each referral will only be equivalent to one month's of their chosen plan.

Payment will only be paid into the credit card you have on file when the referred customer pays their first invoice.

Some examples:

Subscription New Customer Action Your Outcome
Business plan (for $588 a year) First invoice Paid You get $49 ($588 / 12)
Starter plan (for $19 a month) First invoice Paid You get $19
Starter plan (for $19 a month) Cancel their plan within one month + 7 days You get nothing
Starter plan (for $19 a month) Fail to pay us You get nothing

Go to your referrals page to create your personal referral link

How it works for new customers

When you click the "Get one month for free" button on the referral page you go to the main sales funnel of Simple Analytics. We will set a cookie with the referral code so we can apply the discount on checkout.

You will get one month for free so the trial period will be 37 days (instead of 7 days). During this period (or after) you can always cancel but we do not provide refunds.

When your first invoice has been paid, we will give the promoter of the referral link one month in cash.

Note: We are privacy focused, so the promoter will not receive any indication of who you are (i.e. you will be totally anonymous).

Read our referral program terms of service to get familiar with our rules.