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Vue plugin for Simple Analytics
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Simple Analytics Vue plugin

Simple Analytics is a clean, simple, and privacy friendly analytics tool. Actionable data in a beautiful dashboard. It does not use cookies and you can bypass ad blockers. Make sure to signup to get most value out of this plugin.


Just run this command to install Simple Analytics for Vue:

npm install simple-analytics-vue

Import in app

Import the plugin and add it to Vue.use. You can add a skip option which will define when page views should be skipped. This can be useful if you want to skip page views from yourself when developing your app.

import SimpleAnalytics from "simple-analytics-vue";
import Vue from "vue";

Vue.use(SimpleAnalytics, { skip: process.env.NODE_ENV !== "production" });

You can also pass a function or promise to skip which will be validated before injecting the Simple Analytics embed code:

import auth from "lib/auth";
Vue.use(SimpleAnalytics, { skip: auth.isAdminPromise });

You can also optionally specify a custom domain to bypass ad blockers. Read more about this in our documentation.

Vue.use(SimpleAnalytics, { domain: "" });
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