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VuePress plugin for Simple Analytics
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Simple Analytics VuePress plugin

Simple Analytics is a clean, simple, and privacy friendly analytics tool. Actionable data in a beautiful dashboard. It does not use cookies and you can bypass ad blockers. Make sure to signup to get most value out of this plugin.


Just run this command to install Simple Analytics for VuePress:

npm install vuepress-plugin-simple-analytics --save-dev

Add the plugin

Add the plugin to your plugins in .vuepress/config.js.

module.exports = {
  plugins: ["vuepress-plugin-simple-analytics"]

More features

We have more features like a custom domain to bypass ad-blockers, events, and allow the collect from DNT users. Events are enabled by default.

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
        customDomain: "", // You custom domain
        eventsGlobal: "sa", // The global events object for sa("click_button")
        skipDnt: true // When set to true you track the DNT users
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