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RFCs to propose, discuss and collaborate on topics for
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Community RFCs for content on SimpleAsWater

RFCs to propose, discuss and collaborate on topics for

With RFCs, we plan to democratize the learning components in the website by enabling voting for all topics/tutorials.

We believe this can accelerate the learning momentum for everyone and provides a platform for you to curate the efforts put into this awesome site!

The process is pretty simple. Choose what you really want to do for the community:

  1. Propose a new thread/topic/tutorial: Do you believe that you can help the community by proposing a new topic that can benefit us all? Then propose a new RFC here.
  2. Vote for a current proposal: Do you see a proposal already made for your wishlist? In that case, we request you to upvote the RFC with a 👍 reaction. You can also add a comment in respective RFCs for any suggestions or volunteering.

RFCs are maintained by @0zAND1z

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