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General cleanup #18

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Deleted a bunch of unnecessary leftover files and code from TwentyTen. Also made minor changes such as adding wp_head(); and wp_footer();, calling jQuery correctly, changing the footer to a <footer> tag, and making pages display just like posts by default.


Thanks, Galen! I need to pull this down and check everything out, but the massive cleanup from the twentyten code is much appreciated :)

One note on the footer element: I purposefully didn't use it to avoid styling it from any of the patterns. Then again, I DID use nav, so maybe it's avoidable by namespacing with classes, etc.

The formatting of the .less file is my own preference, but perhaps closing brackets flush left would be more universally liked.

Would be great to get feedback on this pull request from others as well.

Thanks again!


Good point on the <footer> tag, Dan. What if you were to use this plugin ( to scope the <style> blocks that style the patterns? That would allow you to use any tag you wanted in the theme and ensure that your pattern styles didn't bleed over to the theme.

On the .less formatting, yeah, I though it was a little annoying and fixed it for myself, but whatever works for me.


Dan: Went ahead and scoped the pattern styles to the preview. Lemme know what you think.


@galengidman Did this work for you? Doesn't work too good for me (with some other theme) at the moment. It seems to be pulling other styles than the ones from get_post_meta( 'css' );.


@galengidman Some further notes after forking and testing your version: The scoped plugin successfully prevents the use of any (remote?-)images. You also got missing quotes in the sidebar.php file. title and ASC are currently set as (non existant) constants.


Does this plan to get merged?


I don't believe so — I think Dan got busy. Who knows though — we may revisit it in the future.


Right. Pretty quiet here... pity.. its a great resource and some valuable additions have been made in the last year

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