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Hardcoded paths to the theme were causing images to not load when the WordPress installation was in a subdirectory. I replaced all instances of /wp-content/themes/pear/ with the with more dynamic get_template_directory_uri();

I also replaced the link to the home page in the logo with the more dynamic echo site_url();

andrewheiss added some commits Feb 6, 2012
@andrewheiss andrewheiss Removed hardcoded path to theme
Replaced it with more dynamic gett_template_directory_uri()
@andrewheiss andrewheiss Replaced hardcoded home link
Replaced the hardcoded "/" in the logo with the more dynamic `echo

You should use home_url() to echo out this, cause site_url() retrieves current path of WordPress files directory and sometimes this can be different from home.

Good catch. I've fixed it now. Thanks!

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