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SimpleGeo on iOS

This is SimpleGeo's sample iOS application.

This app demonstrates how to integrate SimpleGeo.framework into an iOS project. The app uses the framework to make API requests to SimpleGeo Context, Places, and Storage.

[SimpleGeo-iOS] uses MapKit to show SimpleGeo Places and SimpleGeo Storage Records on a map. The app allows you to view SimpleGeo Context, browse and search SimpleGeo Places, and explore a SimpleGeo Storage layer from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Getting Started

  1. Download SimpleGeo.framework and drag it into the Resources/ subdirectory.

  2. Rename Resources/Credentials_template.h to Credentials.h and provide your SimpleGeo OAuth key and secret.

  3. Start coding!

Getting Started via the Terminal

  1. git clone

  2. cd SimpleGeo-iOS/Resources/

  3. git clone -b framework-ios

  4. cp Credentials_template.h Credentials.h

  5. vi Credentials.h (add your credentials)