A pure C implementation of the Geohash algorithm.
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Derek Smith


A static library used for encoding/decoding geohashes.

To use libgeohash just run make. Link libgeohash.a and include geohash.h into your project.


char* geohash_encode(double lat, double lng, int precision);

Takes in latitude and longitude with a desired precision and returns the correct hash value. If precision < 0 or precision > 20, a default value of 6 will be used.


GeoCoord geohash_decode(char* hash);

Produces an allocated GeoCoord structure which contains the latitude and longitude that was decoded from the geohash. A GeoCoord also provides the bounding box for the geohash (north, east, south, west).


char** geohash_neighbors(char* hash);

Uses the bounding box declared at hash and calculates the 8 neighboring boxes. An example is show below.

  • ezefx ezs48 ezs49
  • ezefr ezs42 ezs43
  • ezefp ezs40 ezs41

The value returned is an array of char* with length of 8. The neighboring positions of values are shown below with each box representing the index of the array.

  • 7 0 1
  • 6 * 2
  • 5 4 3