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I would like an easy way to center the map on a certain feature or (the center of) a non-tiled geojson layer. Is this possible?


I am doing this now, but it takes a few steps.

First, I get the bounds:

function createBounds(geoms){
    // where geoms is an array of arrays containing x,y coords
    // [[x,y],[x,y]...]

var bounds = new Array();var cw=null; var ce=null; var cn=null; var cs=null;

 for (i=0;i< geoms.length;i++){
    if(cw == null || geoms[i][0] > cw){cw = geoms[i][0];}
    if(ce == null || geoms[i][0] < ce){ce = geoms[i][0];}
    if(cn == null || geoms[i][1] > cn){cn = geoms[i][1];}
    if(cs == null || geoms[i][1] < cs){cs = geoms[i][1];}
  bounds = [[cw, cn], [ce, cn], [ce, cs], [cw, cs], [cw, cn]]
  return bounds

Then I get the center of the bounds.

 function createCenter(bounds){
     // bounds is a bounding box around a polygon. An array of 5, lat/lng arrays
     var lat = bounds[2][1]-((bounds[2][1]-bounds[0][1])/2);
     var lng = bounds[2][0]-((bounds[2][0]-bounds[0][0])/2);
     var center = [lat, lng]
     return center

Then I move the map to that new center.

var center = createCenter(createBounds(polygon));{lon: center[1], lat: center[0]})

There is probably a simpler way. I just haven't found it yet. I originally wrote these functions in ruby, so the js could probably be optimized, but it does work.


D3's geo.path could probably help you here—it supports computing the bounding box and centroid of arbitrary GeoJSON features. You can then pass the result to polymaps.

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