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# Write down the current git version just for future reference.
mkdir -p .coverage-results
git log | head -1 > .coverage-results/version-stamp.txt
# This script depends on trialcoverage >= 0.3.5 and on >= 3.3.2a1z8.
# The following lines will print an ugly warning message if those two are not
# installed.
python -c 'import pkg_resources;pkg_resources.require("trialcoverage>=0.3.6")' &&
python -c 'import pkg_resources;pkg_resources.require("coverage>=3.3.2a1z9")' &&
python -c 'import pkg_resources;pkg_resources.require("setuptools_trial")'
if [ ${RETVAL} != 0 ] ; then
echo "FAILED: we need trialcoverage,, and setuptools_trial. To get the latest release of trialcoverage, run 'sudo easy_install -U trialcoverage'. To get the latest snapshot of Zooko's branch of, run 'sudo easy_install -U'. To get setuptools_trial run 'sudo easy_install setuptools_trial'."
exit ${RETVAL}
python -tt flakes
if [ ${RETVAL} != 0 ] ; then
echo "FAILED: pyflakes reported warnings -- exiting"
exit ${RETVAL}
PROJNAME=`python --name`
mkdir -p .coverage-results/best
wget${PROJNAME}/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/.coverage-results/best/summary.txt -O .coverage-results/best/summary.txt
# Generate the Twisted Plugins cache so that it will not do so during the test
# run because doing so causes modules to be imported before the code coverage
# tool has a chance to start watching which lines get executed.
python -c 'from twisted.plugin import IPlugin, getPlugins;list(getPlugins(IPlugin))'
python -tt trial --reporter=bwverbose-coverage --rterrors $*
echo "To see coverage details run 'coverage report' or open htmlcov/index.html."
coverage html
if [ ${RETVAL} = 0 ]; then
exit $RETVAL