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# ISO-8601:
import calendar, datetime, re, time
def iso_utc_date(now=None, t=time.time):
if now is None:
now = t()
return datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(now).isoformat()[:10]
def iso_utc(now=None, sep=' ', t=time.time, suffix='Z'):
if now is None:
now = t()
return datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(now).isoformat(sep)+suffix
def iso_local(now=None, sep=' ', t=time.time):
if now is None:
now = t()
return datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(now).isoformat(sep)
def iso_utc_time_to_seconds(isotime, _conversion_re=re.compile(r"(?P<year>\d{4})-(?P<month>\d{2})-(?P<day>\d{2})[T_ ](?P<hour>\d{2}):(?P<minute>\d{2}):(?P<second>\d{2})(?P<subsecond>\.\d+)?Z?")):
The inverse of iso_utc().
Real ISO-8601 is "2003-01-08T06:30:59Z". We also accept
"2003-01-08 06:30:59Z" as suggested by RFC 3339. We also accept
"2003-01-08_06:30:59Z". We also accept the trailing 'Z' to be omitted.
m = _conversion_re.match(isotime)
if not m:
raise ValueError, (isotime, "not a complete ISO8601 timestamp")
year, month, day = int('year')), int('month')), int('day'))
hour, minute, second = int('hour')), int('minute')), int('second'))
subsecstr ='subsecond')
if subsecstr:
subsecfloat = float(subsecstr)
subsecfloat = 0
return calendar.timegm( (year, month, day, hour, minute, second, 0, 1, 0) ) + subsecfloat
def parse_duration(s):
orig = s
unit = None
DAY = 24*60*60
YEAR = 365*DAY
if s.endswith("s"):
s = s[:-1]
if s.endswith("day"):
unit = DAY
s = s[:-len("day")]
elif s.endswith("month"):
unit = MONTH
s = s[:-len("month")]
elif s.endswith("mo"):
unit = MONTH
s = s[:-len("mo")]
elif s.endswith("year"):
unit = YEAR
s = s[:-len("YEAR")]
raise ValueError("no unit (like day, month, or year) in '%s'" % orig)
s = s.strip()
return int(s) * unit
def parse_date(s):
# return seconds-since-epoch for the UTC midnight that starts the given
# day
return int(iso_utc_time_to_seconds(s + "T00:00:00"))
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