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// <auto-generated />
namespace SimpleInjector.CodeSamples
using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Reflection;
using SimpleInjector.Advanced;
public static class ImplicitPropertyInjectionExtensions
public static void AutoWirePropertiesImplicitly(this ContainerOptions options)
options.PropertySelectionBehavior = new ImplicitPropertyInjectionBehavior(options.Container);
public class ImplicitPropertyInjectionBehavior : IPropertySelectionBehavior {
private readonly IPropertySelectionBehavior original;
private readonly ContainerOptions options;
internal ImplicitPropertyInjectionBehavior(Container container) {
this.options = container.Options;
this.original = container.Options.PropertySelectionBehavior;
public bool SelectProperty(Type t, PropertyInfo p) =>
this.IsImplicitInjectable(t, p) || this.original.SelectProperty(t, p);
private bool IsImplicitInjectable(Type t, PropertyInfo p) =>
IsInjectableProperty(p) && this.CanBeResolved(t, p);
private static bool IsInjectableProperty(PropertyInfo property) =>
property.CanWrite && property.GetSetMethod(nonPublic: false)?.IsStatic == false;
private bool CanBeResolved(Type t, PropertyInfo property) =>
this.GetProducer(new InjectionConsumerInfo(t, property)) != null;
private InstanceProducer GetProducer(InjectionConsumerInfo info) =>
this.options.DependencyInjectionBehavior.GetInstanceProducer(info, false);
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