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Describe your problem, question, or feature in a clear and concise way. Please make sure you:

* Do **not post a duplicate** question on StackOverflow. If you [raised a question]( with the `simple-injector` tag on StackOverflow, rest assured that we already read your question. Posting a duplicate won't make you get an answer faster.
* Provide a **[Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example](** that reproduces the problem, illustrates your question, or shows the feature you are missing.
* Show **what you've tried**.
* Show a **simplified, but realistic, representation of your application**. We are not interested to see a large amount of source code, but DI-related questions are typically design questions and it is impossible to feedback on your design when you reduce your interfaces and classes to e.g. `IFoo`, `Flux` and `Baz`.

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