@dotnetjunkie dotnetjunkie released this Nov 2, 2018 · 7 commits to v4.4.x since this release

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Release Notes

This release can be downloaded using NuGet.

The most prominent improvements are:

  • the availability of a .NET Standard 2.0 version of the Simple Injector core library, which limits the number of installed NuGet packages on machines
  • support for List<T> and Collection<T> dependencies.

Features and improvements

Simple Injector core library

  • #559 NuGet package now contains a.NET Standard 2.0 version. Special thanks to @borrrden for this.
  • #545 List<T> and Collection<T> dependencies are now supported out of the box. Any collection, registered using Collection.Register can now be injected and resolved as either a List<T> or Collection<T>.
  • #369 In case Simple Injector throws an exception explaining that the container is either locked or disposed, the .NET Standard 2.0 version now includes the stack trace that caused the container to either be locked or disposed. This information was already available in .NET 4.0 and .NET 4.5 versions.

Simple Injector ASP.NET Core integration

  • #585 AutoCrossWireAspNetComponents overload added that accepts IServiceProvider.

Bug fixes

Simple Injector core library

  • #627 Registration of collections of variant types where implementation type is unknown to Simple Injector, especially when registering Registration instances through Collection.Register and Collection.Append failed.

Simple Injector Web API integration package

  • #628 Use of EnableHttpRequestMessageTracking under .NET <= 4.6.x could cause a memory leak.

Simple Injector ASP.NET Core integration

  • #588 SimpleInjectorControllerActivator will not resolve unregistered controllers from ASP.NET Core anymore.