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A Telegram bot for airdropping SLP tokens onto users
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Distributes SLP tokens in a specified Telegram chat room to a list of registered up to 18 participants.

Bot commands:

  • /info - get chatroom specific status of the bot
  • /admin - control whether only admins can perform airdrop
  • /token - set the token id
  • /amount - set the amount to be airdropped to each registered user
  • /register - add a simpleledger address to the registry
  • /list - display all of the registered simpleledger addresses
  • /clear - remove all of the addresses from the registry
  • /airdrop - send the specified amount of the current token id to each user
  • /party - airdrop automatically every 5 minutes
  • /withdraw - address to withdraw tokens from
NOTE: This bot should be used for experimental purposes only with tiny amounts of BCH! We are not responsible for any loss of funds.

How to Run

  1. Register with Telegram bot manager @BotFather obtain bot token
  2. Obtain BIP 39 mnemonic phrase for use in securing funds managed by the bot
  3. Obtain api key for
  4. git clone <repo-url>
  5. cd sip-telegram-bot
  6. npm install
  7. CHAT_ID="____" BOT_TOKEN="____" MNEMONIC="___ ___ ___" BITDB_KEY="___" node . NOTE: To get your chat id you can run this step without CHAT_ID variable and your chat id will be printed to the console. After you have your chat id you can re-run this command using the appropriate chat id to enable the bot for your chat.
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