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Documentation Status Code Climate PyPi MIT License

Introduction is a python library for the web service.


Install via pip:

pip install simplenote

Or if you must:

easy_install simplenote

Usage can be imported into any python module:

import simplenote
sn = simplenote.Simplenote(user, password)

The object then provides the following API methods:

sn.get_note_list(data=True, since=cursor, tags=[])  # Supports optional `tags` parameter that takes a list of tags
                                                    # to return only notes that contain at least one of these tags.
                                                    # Also supports a `since` parameter, but as per the Simperium
                                                    # API this is no longer a date, rather a cursor.
                                                    # Lastly, also supports a  `data` parameter (defaults to True)
                                                    # to only return keys/ids and versions

sn.get_note(note_id)                                # note id is value of key `key` in note dict as returned
                                                    # by get_note_list. Supports optional version integer as
                                                    # argument to return previous versions

sn.add_note(note)                                   # A ``note`` object is a dictionary with at least a
                                                    # ``content`` property, containing the note text.

sn.update_note(note)                                # The ``update_note`` method needs a note object which
                                                    # also has a ``key`` property.