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Fix up some of our demo URLs and add some new ones.

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rmccue committed Jan 15, 2012
1 parent 219557c commit a470e8cfeed212df75a4af93d4d8a4188dd9a9e9
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  1. +5 −3 demo/index.php
  2. +2 −1 tests/HTTPParserTest.php
@@ -148,11 +148,11 @@
<a href="?feed=" title="Tech and industry videocast.">Diggnation</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Flickr Photos">Flickr</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="World News">Google News</a>,
- <a href="?feed=" title="Test: Media RSS Support">Google Video</a>,
+ <a href="?feed=;num=20&amp;output=rss" title="Test: Media RSS Support">Google Video</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Test: Tag Stripping">Harvard Law</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Test: Window-1255 Encoding">Hebrew Language</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Test: Ad Stripping">InfoWorld</a>,
- <a href="?feed=" title="Test: Tag Stripping">iTunes</a>,
+ <a href="?feed=;orderbydate=false" title="Test: Tag Stripping">iTunes</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Test: EUC-JP Encoding">Japanese Language</a>,
<a href="?feed=;input=EUC-KR" title="Test: EUC-KR Encoding">Korean Language</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Weblog for the developer of Scriptaculous"></a>,
@@ -163,8 +163,10 @@
<a href="?feed=" title="News about every OS ever">OS News</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Test: Atom 1.0 Support">Phil Ringnalda</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Test: Improved enclosure type sniffing">Photoshop Videocast</a>,
+ <a href="?feed=" title="Top links from around the web">reddit</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Test: ISO-8859-1 Encoding">Romanian Language</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Test: KOI8-R Encoding">Russian Language</a>,
+ <a href="?feed=" title="SimplePie developer alumnus">Ryan Parman</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Test: BIG5 Encoding">Traditional Chinese Language</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Technorati watch for SimplePie">Technorati</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Test: Atom 1.0 Support">Tim Bray</a>,
@@ -175,7 +177,7 @@
<a href="?feed=" title="Test: Tag Stripping">Windows Vista Blog</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="Test: LightHTTPd and GZipping">XKCD</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="World News">Yahoo! News</a>,
- <a href="?feed=" title="Funny user-submitted videos">You Tube</a>,
+ <a href="?feed=" title="Funny user-submitted videos">You Tube</a>,
<a href="?feed=" title="The father of the web standards movement">Zeldman</a></p>
@@ -69,7 +69,8 @@ public static function chunkedProvider()
* @dataProvider chunkedProvider
- public function testChunkedNormal($data, $expected) {
+ public function testChunkedNormal($data, $expected)
+ {
$data = "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\nContent-Type: text/plain\r\nTransfer-Encoding: chunked\r\n\r\n" . $data;
$parser = new SimplePie_HTTP_Parser($data);

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