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Jan 06, 2010
Ryan Parman Removed some outdated demo files. a72ffd6
Ryan Parman Merged 301372f from dmcgowan. 9c8c7a4
Jan 10, 2010
Ryan Parman Changed to simplepie.class.php. 787d987
Feb 18, 2010
Ryan McCue Add & and = to pct-encoding call that was missed previously 5a20acd
Ryan McCue Add cache/ directory (blank) 7cb9339
Ryan McCue Use lowercase "windows-1252". Fixes #51 e0b8bc6
Ryan McCue Add RSS 0.9 <description> to get_description. Fixes issue #23 065ddfa
Ryan McCue Check for both null AND false in get_local_date(). Fixes #28 c0a29d6
Ryan McCue Use concatenation instead of double-quoted strings in the XML reader …
…class. Fixes #40
Ryan McCue Update create.php to work with recent changes 6b70e68
Ryan McCue Use EUC-JP as the preferred name in SimplePie_Misc::encoding(). Fixes #… 82aa6ca
Ryan McCue Add phpDoc to SimplePie_Misc::encoding() to note the origin of the fu…
Ryan McCue Change calls to SimplePie_File::SimplePie_File to SimplePie_File::con…
…struct. Fixes #60
Update create.php to properly cope with the format of the file (yay f…
…or random amounts of whitespace), and regen. Properly fixes #38. It appears that strnatcasecmp behaves differently on this computer, so some of the IBM0* character encodings are reordered.
Apr 02, 2010
Ryan McCue Move typecasts to RHS of assignment b105382
Apr 23, 2010
Ryan McCue Change to simplepie.class.php in tests c7b7c8a
Ryan McCue Fix the iTunes testing procedure 6e30f53
Ryan McCue Change test to note compatibility 1b2af25
May 07, 2010
Ryan McCue Remove compatibility functions for PHP <5 7673fa3
Jun 10, 2010
Ryan McCue Replace clone() with clone as per PHP 5 coding standards d207337
Jul 07, 2010
Ryan McCue Fix an error with checking if an array key is set wrongly in create.php 836ed24
Jul 18, 2010
Drak Initial refactor to PEAR with full backward compatibility. 8a5f601
Drak Quick test. c13e5d7
Drak Full BC, works with existing unit tests. 6c7d3a1
Jul 25, 2010
Drak Semantically correct autoloading. 93cc2df
Drak Fixed E_DEPRECATED errors. c11a7f1
Drak add build script d581666
Drak Remove PHP 5.3 case, and added example compiled class. 50e5ea9
Drak Fix build script. 229bcef
Drak Update the markdown, tests and compiled version. 6637c2a
Jul 28, 2010
Drak Add copyright headers. 64b7899
Drak Update build script. 8980601
Aug 08, 2010
Geoffrey Sneddon Move include of Unit_Test2 to allow for different impls! bde83fa
Geoffrey Sneddon The big move of test to tests, and move to PHPUnit. 1817c67
Geoffrey Sneddon Remove files that shouldn't be attempted to be run as oldtests. 90e387d
Geoffrey Sneddon Remove ComplexPie-specific code 260e474
Geoffrey Sneddon Remove the old test runner. 0fcde72
Geoffrey Sneddon Fix compile-time E_DEPRECATED. 798f467
Sep 12, 2010
Ryan McCue Update copyright dates e9ca05f
Oct 16, 2010
Drak Changes requested by Ryan McCue.
Added some docblocks, and made the build script into a PHP only file with no shebang.
Oct 17, 2010
Ryan McCue Remove the old $Date$ parsing, as Git has no support for it f04e431
Ryan McCue Merge branch 'preferred_refactor' from drak 8aba553
Ryan McCue Fix another copyright date 27c8c4d
Ryan McCue Change paths to the SimplePie class 51c0792
Ryan McCue Use mtime of file for build version.
This should be replaced with something that parses the .git directory (i.e. .git/logs/HEAD)
Ryan McCue Ensure constants are loaded 04a4cf5
Dec 09, 2010
Ryan McCue Fix the list in the readme cf26f4c
Dec 10, 2010
Ryan McCue Add Accept header to HTTP requests for feeds. Fixes #20 5d966b9
Dec 12, 2010
Ryan McCue Fix characters remaining URL encoded in MySQL passwords. Fixes #78 eb014c3
Ryan McCue Mangle windows-949 to EUC-KR, since mbstring supports it. Fixes #83 9aebf4c
Ryan McCue Only use the last Content-Type header. Fixes #1 89e4771
Ryan McCue Use strict comparison. See #5 478aeac
Ryan McCue Use interfaces and abstract classes for caching classes bbc83bd
Ryan McCue Make an internal method of SimplePie_Cache_DB protected and static 2686124
Dec 13, 2010
Ryan McCue Add workaround for ETag quoting. Fixes #26 6b9319f
Ryan McCue Note our actual requirements on the compatibility test page 3d60b8b
Ryan McCue Generate a build timestamp via Git, if possible 0b4a875
Ryan McCue Switch from Net_IPv6 to SimplePie_Net_IPv6 (looks like gsnedders miss…
…ed this previously)
Jan 22, 2011
Ryan McCue Check if a header is an ETag case-insensitively, as per HTTP standard…
…s. Props gsnedders
Jan 23, 2011
Ryan McCue Trim the content-type 628e371
Ryan McCue Add IRI tests, backported from CP2 16b6d9b
Ryan McCue Switch SimplePie_Cache_MySQL to using PDO.
MySQL cache locations now use PDO DSNs, with a slight modification: the
user/password must be specified in the DSN, like so:


There is no change for directory locations. Be aware, however, that
using a cache directory called 'mysql:...' may cause issues. For these,
use './mysql:...' or the appropriate absolute path.
Ryan McCue Pass object by reference to SimplePie_Cache_DB::prepare_simplepie_obj…
Ryan McCue SimplePie_Cache::__construct() is private; no need for anything in it cdcca83
Ryan McCue Allow users to register cache handlers with SimplePie_Cache.
Instead of overriding SimplePie_Cache, you can now register your handler
directly with it. This is done by registering a prefix (the part of the
location before a colon) with a class to be instantiated as the cache
object. This class must implement the SimplePie_Cache_Base interface,
and this will be inforced in a later version of the code.
Jan 26, 2011
Ryan McCue Remove an extra include statement 84aab32
Ryan McCue Introduce support for Content-Encoding: chunked. Fixes #11 c139579
Ryan McCue Use substr() instead of str_replace() 559fa6e
Ryan McCue Change @access to actual protected/public in HTTP parser dd49e74
Ryan McCue Correct coding standards in HTTP parser 08740d9
Feb 26, 2011
Ryan McCue Split multiple commands into separate calls in build.php 40a7cde
Mar 10, 2011
Adding get_updated_date function to retrieve Atom <updated> element 900b211
Mar 31, 2011
Ryan McCue Remove @access tags d5f2d6b
Ryan McCue Ensure SP::$javascript isn't false before checking the GET parameter. 545b862
Ryan McCue Move all build tools into a directory ce27f11
Ryan McCue Remove the compiled version from source control.
This file should be generated on release, rather than being in source control.
Ryan McCue Add debugger to SimplePie_Misc::debug() 48eb379
Apr 01, 2011
Ryan McCue Change set_javascript to default to false. Fixes #129 bc2455d
Ryan McCue On second thoughts, remove set_javascript altogether 100c6ab
Apr 06, 2011
Ryan McCue Split Misc::encoding() into separate methods for each method.
This lets us test them separately, as you'll see in the next commit.
Ryan McCue Add test for our encoding support.
See, I told you that you'd see it!
Ryan McCue Add some PHPDoc for Misc::change_encoding 49051f1
Ryan McCue Fix up toUTF16 tests bfa75c5
Apr 08, 2011
Ryan McCue Remove references to SP::$javascript
This is a slight API change to SP_Enclosure::embed(). If specifying the second parameter, be aware that the Javascript will not be embedded any more.
Ryan McCue Make sure PHPUnit doesn't ignore our dependencies 27cf01a
Ryan McCue Remove useless if block comment from SP_Enclosure::embed()
Forgot to drop this in b2eb013
Apr 14, 2011
Ryan McCue Change DOCTYPEs to the HTML(5) doctype 33e5c95
Apr 16, 2011
Ryan McCue Issues now migrated to simplepie/simplepie 0c7309a
Ryan McCue Recommend one-dot-two instead of 1.2 in the readme 3c74bf1
Ryan McCue Methods in the readme should be in `backticks` 0475341
Jun 01, 2011
Ryan McCue Don't leak fsockopen's special HTTPS host in request headers. Fixes #117 73bfb71
Ryan McCue Expose raw data via SP::get_raw_data(), as a replacement for SP::. See d025026
Jul 01, 2011
Ryan McCue Update the content type sniffer for draft 6
Add extra handling missing from the current implementation, as it was
presumably based on an earlier draft. This handling should help with
favicon sniffing.
Jul 12, 2011
Matt Robenolt Implemented a more traditional URL based approach to specifying cachi…
…ng backends. Allows the format: [backend]://[user]:[pass]@[host]:[port][path]?[key=value]

This allows more flexibility for other backends other than the PDO based DSN format.
Matt Robenolt MySQL backend implements proposed URL format. 92809db
Matt Robenolt Added Memcache caching backend.
Implements format: memcache://
Sep 02, 2011
Ryan McCue Update IRI percent-normalisation code.
Fixes a few tests, see for before/after
Ryan McCue Move percent encoding case normalisation to after parsing. 594c438
Ryan McCue Ensure === c6f6d32
Sep 19, 2011
Ryan McCue Add tests for the autodiscovery code, based on Firefox's tests.
Borrow Firefox's tests, licensed under the LGPL. Also fix a slight bug picked up from these, as "alternate stylesheet" isn't a feed rel type.
Ryan McCue Remove Unix commands from build tool and replace with PHP native ones.
Also, only remove the beginning PHP open tag and file-level PHPDoc comment. Fixes #152.
Ryan McCue Fix typo in gzdecode. Fixes #149, props pagesimplify. 1613090
Ryan McCue Ignore SimplePie.compiled.php cdf4da0
Ryan McCue PDO_Statement::rowCount() is a method, not a property.
Fixes #145, props EricWVGG.
Ryan McCue Use rdf:about in Item::get_id(). Fixes #141, props casta 089509c
Ryan McCue Add AllTests as a general test runner ad82d4e
Ryan McCue Use bin2hex for EncodingTest, so that results are more readable. a51f604
Ryan McCue Set AllTests suite name properly. fb12662
Ryan McCue Convert strings separately for assertEquals in EncodingTest c9ddeb7
Ryan McCue Merge pull request #147 from mattrobenolt/master
Add Memcache backend. Some minor coding standards issues still to be fixed.
Sep 20, 2011
Ryan McCue Minor coding standards fixes from Memcache pull request by mattrobenolt. 45b1571
Ryan McCue More coding standards changes 40c7ee8
Ryan McCue Fix some small errors from Memcache pull request a9c0eee
Matt Robenolt Fixing my logic for handling query string variables in cache backends. e424f3b
Sep 21, 2011
Flipping merge items to be a static method. bb9fc11
Nov 03, 2011
Ryan McCue Workaround bug in PHP's Memcache extension. Props nahuel 87a3fc7
Nov 14, 2011
Ryan McCue Use a bootstrap file for tests. 83fb303
Ryan McCue Add PHPUnit and Travis CI information. 25e8fa5
Ryan McCue Simplify the PHPUnit config. 5b2081b
Jan 11, 2012
David Kuridža Replace deprecated `is_a()` with `instanceof`
Function `is_a()` became deprecated with PHP 5.0.0 resulting in an `E_STRICT`
warning. Function is no longer deprecated with PHP 5.3.0, however, using any
version between 5.0.0 and 5.2.x and `E_DEPRECATED` enabled, `Strict standards`
notice is shown. This fix refactors all `is_a()` occurrences using `instanceof`
operator. For example,

  `if (is_a($this, 'SimplePie'))`


  `if ($this instanceof SimplePie)`
Jan 13, 2012
webchickenator Correct link to license description. 82644fa
Jan 15, 2012
Ryan McCue Merge pull request #171 from webchickenator/patch-1
Correct link to license description. Fixes #170 as well.
Ryan McCue Add PHP 5.2 to Travis 33ca279
Ryan McCue __DIR__ isn't available on PHP <5.3 9795fe8
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for every class. 519cb25
Ryan McCue Merge pull request #169 from davidkuridza/master
Fix strict errors shown by removing deprecated is_a()
Ryan McCue Merge pull request #157 from asdasDan/master
Misc::merge_items is static; mark it as such
Jan 16, 2012
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for Author 3bb1985
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for Category 44c052f
Ryan McCue Merge branch 'master' of 2bbfdde
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for Enclosure
Phew, this was a long one!
Ryan McCue Add some more PHPDoc to Enclosure. b02ca12
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for Caption 7e7b56d
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for Copyright 018e0d4
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for Credit 48d1867
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for Rating 8df93d3
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for Restriction 2900ece
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for Cache_File 526ae00
Ryan McCue Be less general with our gitignore 5ebdd86
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for Memcache a355696
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for Cache_MySQL 70a299b
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for gzdecode a78a008
Ryan McCue Fix documentation and change parameter names for Cache classes. 9c10b55
Ryan McCue Remove "@todo PHPDoc" from all files 51ebc13
Ryan McCue Party like it's 2012! 204b9ff
Ryan McCue Note that Enclosure::native_embed() is deprecated ef94c3f
Ryan McCue Add PHPDoc for Cache::create() fefd463
Ryan McCue Remove support for Odeo 79b6511
Ryan McCue Fix Cache_File
I was a little overzealous last time.
Ryan McCue Work on slimming Core::init() down a little. 19f5262
Ryan McCue Fix up our chunked encoding a bit.
Hopefully this should help with some errors, see #158
Ryan McCue Add some tests for the HTTP parser. 219557c
Ryan McCue Fix up some of our demo URLs and add some new ones. a470e8c
Ryan McCue I'm not sure why we had /m specified. Fixes #158.
Considering the fact that I've independently discovered this about 10 times in this code throughout my other projects, you'd think that I would have fixed it already.
Ryan McCue Check that the autoloader works. Fixes #160
The idea here is that because we need the constants defined in Core, we're going to need Core included anyway. Props to k1mk1m for the idea.
Ryan McCue Finally switch from regex to DOM for parsing HTML.
This has the extra benefit of allowing autodiscovery to work with large pages, and hence fixes #37
Ryan McCue Clarify the autoloader slightly
Props to infid who pointed out that some might read "!== 0" as a bug
Ryan McCue Ensure we wipe multifeeds completely when setting. d945831
Ryan McCue Core::sort_items() is static, mark it as such. e4746a7
Ryan McCue Add Item::get_gmdate()
Unlike Item::get_date(), this will not be affected by timezones. See gmdate() and Item::get_date() documentation for more information.
Ryan McCue Merge pull request #134 from brandwaffle/master
Add Item::get_updated_date. This will be renamed shortly.
Ryan McCue Merge branch 'master' of 0dc94d8
Ryan McCue Update Item::get_updated_date() and add Item::get_updated_gmdate()
I'm going to leave the name for now at least; although "get_updated" would probably be a better name, it's ambiguous.
Spelling correction in README df35e08
Ryan McCue Add Registry to replace set_*_class()
This new class handles creating objects and calling static methods.

Objects created by this class can opt to receive a reference to it via a `set_registry` method, which takes a `SimplePie_Registry` reference as its only parameter.

Classes registered via the old Core::set_*_class() methods are marked as legacy, and parameters may be shuffled to compensate. All new classes should use `$feed->get_registry()->register($type, $class)` instead.
Ryan McCue Add more handling for Misc with the registry c201350
Ryan McCue Decode_HTML_Entities is now deprecated, as it was only used by Misc::…
Ryan McCue Add ability to override XML_Declaration_Parser 0b911ec
Ryan McCue More registry fixes.
Add Parse_Date, change Source to using the registry, and fix up a lot of occurrances of Misc::*()
Ryan McCue Correct misspelling of variable. 32a6ea1
Ryan McCue Use the correct method on registry. 1350fa2
Ryan McCue Typehint input to set_registry() 914fb6e
Ryan McCue Correct registry() to registry->call() d6a26b2
Ryan McCue Enable Javascript to embed enclosures on the demo. 45ba32d
Jan 17, 2012
Ryan McCue Document how to get SimplePie.compiled.php bbc078d
Ryan McCue Note that SimplePie.compiled.php is automatically generated. b04cd4e
Ryan McCue Hardcode the build when compiling. 34ff68b
Ryan McCue Enclosure::get_length() returns a float, not a string. 5f6b28c
Ryan McCue Clear up some todos. e50c58d
Jan 22, 2012
Ryan McCue If a class doesn't have a constructor, don't use Reflection. Fixes #173 942c35e
Mar 26, 2012
Phill Sparks Updated deflator, fixes "data error".
Signed-off-by: Phill Sparks <>
Ryan McCue Merge pull request #183 from sparksp/patch-1
Updated deflater, fixes "data error"
Jun 28, 2012
Ryan McCue Use Registry for LocatorTests. Fixes #195 2fef1b6
Ryan McCue Merge branch 'master' of 4f66076
Ryan McCue Update IRI/IRITest classes from Requests
This fixes a whole lot of tests for the IRI classes in two ways:
firstly, it changes the incorrect tests. Secondly, it fixes some of the
internals of the IRI class to make them more correct.

Almost all tests should now pass. Full passing for the IRI class coming
Ryan McCue Ensure ipath normalisation is correct
This fixes all remaining IRI tests. See #195.

For HTTP URIs, the path should always be normalised to / when forming a
URI. We do this here rather than in `scheme_normalisation()` as it makes
more sense from a comparison point of view.

We also make sure that the host is not empty (null or empty string).
This may be incorrect, but it matches the tests and it's not really a
valid usecase that we care about.
Ryan McCue Fix up the SimplePie_IRI PHPDoc for the class 1dae14f
Ryan McCue Fix expected result of UTF-16 to UTF-8
For some insane reason, I must have misread this originally. The UTF-16
BOM should *not* be passed through into UTF-8, but rather stripped,
which is what mbstring is doing correctly.
Ryan McCue mbstring supports Shift_JIS/Windows-31J as SJIS
Unfortunately, mbstring doesn't support Windows-31J or a standardised
name. *sigh*
Ryan McCue Ensure UTF-16 BOM is interpreted correctly 053e71c
Ryan McCue Ensure encoding tests pass on PHP 5.2
For PHP <5.3, __callStatic isn't called automatically, so we need to
simulate it.
Ryan McCue Ensure Locator works on PHP <5.3
PHP <5.3 doesn't have DOMNode::getLineNo() and I'm too lazy to find a
proper fix. Fake it until we make it!
Ryan McCue Ensure all valid feed MIME types are handled ebddbfc
Ryan McCue Ensure autodiscovery fails on non-HTML/non-feed 028ceb5
Jun 29, 2012
Ryan McCue Remove container div for HTML constructs too
As we manually add a container div, we need to remove it for HTML
constructs too.
Ryan McCue Ensure oldtests are run as part of the main suite 60be59d
Ryan McCue Add get_*() accessors for IRI
This is mainly for backwards compatibility. Code should be changed to
use the properties instead.
Ryan McCue Fix trailing slashes on old tests 60b49d8
Ryan McCue Ensure the Locator always takes a SimplePie_File
Before, any arbitrary object could be passed in. Now, it *must* be a
subclass of SimplePie_File to ensure that we have a sane interface.
Ryan McCue Double-escape <title> in RSS feeds
When we have something like &amp;amp; the XML parser will decode this to
&amp;, correctly. However, when we use a heuristic later in the
Sanitizer, this is detected as HTML and not escaped back. In order to
fix this, we simply treat it as text way back in the Parser.

This *may* cause bugs, and will probably break things. More checking
will be required.
Ryan McCue Create new ItemTest class
The tests in this are based on the previous old tests under feed_title.
More will be coming eventually.
Ryan McCue Opening brackets should always be on a new line 422c84d
Ryan McCue When sorting multifeeds, use the original class
Instead of hardcoding the sort_items method from SimplePie_Core, use the
class of the first SP item. Given that these are all cloned from the
original, it shouldn't matter which one this is taken from.

Should fix #14
Ryan McCue Fix the deprecated notice for Net_IPv6::checkIPv6
Also, ignore it from code coverage, as it's only for backwards
Ryan McCue Move the actual checking outside template method
This will make it easier in future for checking other elements.
Jul 01, 2012
Ryan McCue Fix RSS 0.90 description test
In #23 and 065ddfa, we decided to
willfully violate the RSS 0.90 specification (which doesn't have a
description item-level element). That broke this test as it was a
regression, however, as it's a willful regression, the test needs

See also:
Ryan McCue Default to 'allow' for enclosure restrictions
As per both Media RSS and iTunes, we should default to an 'allow' value
for enclosure restrictions. This fixes the iTunes default restriction

This breaks backwards compatibility with users which expect `null` when
there is no restriction.
Ryan McCue Iterate over DOM child nodes properly
When altering the child nodes (i.e. moving them in the DOM, removing
them, etc) we need to work off the initial number rather than using the
iterator. (I suspect internally, it's just doing $i++ each iteration,
and we're simultaneously decreasing the count.)

Fixes the first item title test for old bug 564.
Ryan McCue Split entity map onto separate lines 6ab0dda
Jul 02, 2012
Ryan McCue Use the correct DOCTYPEs when sanitizing 013ee9c
Jul 03, 2012
Ryan McCue Use IRI::get_uri() for URIs, rather than get_iri()
As we're retrieving URIs, we should try and get them back rather than an
IRI (given that URIs are a subset of IRIs).

See for discussion
Ryan McCue Use IRI properties instead of methods
This obviates the need for the method accessors (which are actually
fairly expensive).
Ryan McCue Revert "Add get_*() accessors for IRI"
This reverts commit 5702c54. We no
longer need these accessors thanks to the previous commit.
Ryan McCue Make IRI::get_uri() public again
This shouldn't have been reverted. While the URI version could still be
accessed via $iri->uri, this doesn't make it obvious that it's actually
generated on the fly. This also keeps it in line with get_iri()
Ryan McCue Change IRI tests to actually test IRIs
Previously, we tested URIs instead. A much better idea is to test all of
these according to the IRI rules (as it *is* an IRI parser), and test
URI-specific elements separately. This also adds specific tests for
Ryan McCue Use DOMDocument in Locator tests
Instead of using the old (and broken-for-large-input)
SimplePie_Misc::get_element(), use DOMDocument directly in the test.
Ryan McCue Remove the old tests unfortunately disappeared with Mark Pilgrim when he
left the internet. However, these have been mostly replaced by the
Firefox-based tests.
Ryan McCue Add ItemTest to AllTests 3b3efb4
Ryan McCue Remove Misc::is_subclass_of()
This is a compatibility function, but given the SimplePie requirements
of 5.1.4+, this is no longer needed.
Ryan McCue Remove Misc::htmlspecialchars_decode()
This is only needed for PHP <5.1.0.
Ryan McCue Remove Misc::remove_dot_segments()
This used to be used by SimplePie_IRI, however has now been rolled into
Jul 04, 2012
Ryan McCue Correct the Memcache documentation d9ea1c2
Ryan McCue Add subpackages for class-level PHPDoc d4a7891
Ryan McCue Drop support for PHP <5.2
We were already recommending 5.2+, however only checking for 5.0+. In
addition, the README said 5.1.4 was the lowest requirement. By bumping
this up to 5.2, we drop support for 5.1.4, 5.1.5 and 5.1.6, which are an
insignificant portion of PHP users.

I may also consider bumping this to 5.2.4. Consider yourself warned.
Ryan McCue Remove Misc::array_unique()
This was a compatibility function for PHP <5.2, so it can be dropped
Ryan McCue Remove SIMPLEPIE_PHP5 constant
This was used for compatibility functions, and was an internal constant.
If you're using this in your own code, it's probably broken by now
anyway. :)
Jul 05, 2012
Ryan McCue Remove explicit pass-by-reference
Objects are always passed by reference in PHP 5+, so there's no need to
spell it out.
Ryan McCue Split fetching data out of Core::init() ce9ac85
Ryan McCue Move class files into library/
All SimplePie classes now live in library/ except for the autoloader,
which is now in autoloader.php

Apologies if any of your scripts break because of this, however it
brings a much nicer separation and cleans up the root directory
Ryan McCue Adjust compile script for new structure bc0b460
Ryan McCue Update README to reflect the new paths 0a2b1cd
Ryan McCue Change header style in README
This should make it a bit easier to read as plain text.
Ryan McCue Rewrite the README a bit for clarity
Add in a description and move some things around to improve readability
and ease of use.
Ryan McCue Final cleanup of README
This should finish up my cleanup for now. Phew!
Ryan McCue Change SimplePie back to being the main class
SimplePie_Core is now only for backwards compatibility with versions
between 1.2 and 1.3. It will be removed before 1.3 release.

As a side-effect, this should fix #187
Ryan McCue Add documentation for Item
This is based primarily on the wiki documentation (or at least the copy
I have of it locally). I'm aiming to phase out the API reference on the
wiki in favour of keeping it with the code.

Also includes a small amount of documentation for the SimplePie class.
Ryan McCue Add documentation for the SimplePie class 0ca50ee
Jul 07, 2012
Ryan McCue Add more PHPDoc to the SimplePie class f092432
Ryan McCue Note that SimplePie_Core is now deprecated 2e6bd36
Ryan McCue Change the set_url_replacements() default to null
This makes it much easier to change back to the default. Instead of
having to pass in the full array, simply pass in null to get the
Ryan McCue Store URL attribute defaults in a single place
Rather than having two sets of defaults to keep in sync, store it all in
the one method.
Ryan McCue Ensure we give the correct error for non-feeds 1ca8b4a
Ryan McCue Merge options in Memcache handler properly
`array_merge_recursive()` merges two strings into an array, which means
breakages if overriding the host. This should fix #210, thanks to @n1c
Ryan McCue Ensure errors for multifeeds work. Fixes #29
For multifeeds, we now return an array of errors if init() is false.
These are indexed based on which number failed for tracking purposes.
Ryan McCue Remove vestigal $xml_dump property
There was no way to set this, so there's no need for it to exist.
Ryan McCue Fix remaining broken tests
These tests are technically broken, but in practice, this makes no
difference. The ability to see regressions is a much larger priority.
Ryan McCue Clean up the README for release a287423
Ryan McCue Move Project Status to bottom of readme 81a93af
Ryan McCue Bump to 1.3 8ce7fee
Ryan McCue Bump in header too 69fe64e