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base fork: simplepie/simplepie
head fork: simplepie/simplepie
compare: one-dot-three
Commits on Jul 08, 2012
@rmccue rmccue Bump to 1.3.1-dev fad1467
Commits on Oct 13, 2012
@hakre hakre Add composer.json
Signed-off-by: hakre <>
@rmccue rmccue Fix up composer.json
This changes spaces to tabs, corrects some information and sets the
autoloader properly.
@rmccue rmccue Add Cache::get_handler()
To try and fix compatibility issues, add Cache::get_handler() This is now called instead of Cache::create(), *except* if the cache handler is registered via the legacy method.
@rmccue rmccue Throw a E_USER_DEPRECATED error on old cache method f00f19c
@rmccue rmccue Add tests for Cache classes
This should ensure that the correct methods are called.
@rmccue rmccue Blacklist rather than whitelist for Travis c2915d2
@rmccue rmccue Ignore E_NOTICE too
Apparently, this throws a notice, not a deprecated error. Who knew.
@rmccue rmccue Add CacheTest to AllTests d029efb
@rmccue rmccue Rather than changing error_reporting, just suppress
Hopefully this should fix tests on 5.4
@rmccue rmccue Remove unneeded class for CacheTest 6778d77
@rmccue rmccue Generate an error if DOMDocument doesn't exist
Rather than trying to load the class and getting a failure, this much more
sensibly generates an error. Fixes #241

Also introduces SimplePie_Exception, which is only used internally.
@rmccue rmccue Add SimplePie_Exception
This is only used internally at the moment. It may be exposed in the future.
Commits on Oct 28, 2012
@rmccue rmccue Ensure "this should never happen" doesn't
Fixes #219
Commits on Oct 29, 2012
@rmccue rmccue Re-add the deprecated get_/set_favicon()
These shouldn't have been removed without deprecating them. Instead, use
an external service to handle all of that for us, and throw deprecated
errors when people try to use them.
Commits on Oct 30, 2012
@rmccue rmccue Ensure that constructor passing still works
Deprecate, rather than remove. This should work in a
backwards-compatible way.
@rmccue rmccue Fix issue #214 by ensuring we handle invalid URIs
Also closes #228, but doesn't fix the base problem where paths starting
with // aren't parsed by SimplePie_IRI.
@rmccue rmccue Add backwards compatibility for removed methods
This stubs out subscribe_*() and enable_xml_dump()
@rmccue rmccue Bump to 1.3.1 ce53709
Commits on Nov 21, 2012
@rmccue rmccue Bump to 1.3.2-dev c03fcf0
@rmccue rmccue Fix cache testing bug 8b1be59
@rmccue rmccue Fix tests on PHP 5.2
Not quite sure why this was occurring.
@rmccue rmccue Ensure $link->getLineNo() exists before using
Fixes #223
Commits on Dec 02, 2012
@rmccue rmccue If DOMDocument doesn't exist, nicely fail Sanitize
See #241. This fixes it for 1.3.2, but requires different changes for 1.4.
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