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Exception 'ErrorException' with message 'This should never happen' in /simplepie/library/SimplePie/IRI.php:393

Stack trace:
#0 [internal function]: {closure}(256, 'This should nev...', '/var/www...', 393, Array)
#1 /simplepie/library/SimplePie/IRI.php(393): trigger_error('This should nev...', 256)
#2 /simplepie/library/SimplePie/IRI.php(826): SimplePie_IRI->parse_iri('http://twitter....')
#3 /simplepie/library/SimplePie/IRI.php(259): SimplePie_IRI->set_iri('http://twitter....')
#4 /simplepie/library/SimplePie/IRI.php(275): SimplePie_IRI->__construct('http://twitter....')
#5 /simplepie/library/SimplePie/Misc.php(82): SimplePie_IRI::absolutize(Object(SimplePie_IRI), 'http://twitter....')
#6 [internal function]: SimplePie_Misc::absolutize_url('http://twitter....', 'http://www.meta...')
#7 /simplepie/library/SimplePie/Registry.php(206): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#8 /simplepie/library/SimplePie/Sanitize.php(414): SimplePie_Registry->call('Misc', 'absolutize_url', Array)
#9 /simplepie/library/SimplePie/Sanitize.php(293): SimplePie_Sanitize->replace_urls(Object(DOMDocument), 'a', 'href')
#10 /simplepie/library/SimplePie.php(1944): SimplePie_Sanitize->sanitize('<a href="http:/...', 2, 'http://www.meta...')
#11 /simplepie/library/SimplePie/Item.php(182): SimplePie->sanitize('<a href="http:/...', 2, 'http://www.meta...')
#12 /simplepie/library/SimplePie/Item.php(339): SimplePie_Item->sanitize('<a href="http:/...', 2, 'http://www.meta...')
#13 /var/www/Bootstrap.php(125): SimplePie_Item->get_description()

gsnedders commented Jul 19, 2012

Know what feed this was on, or merely have the stacktrace?

I'm afraid I only have the stacktrace, if I get some free time this weekend I might be able to dig around and see what data was being processed at that second.


gsnedders commented Jul 19, 2012

@rmccue We should probably include the IRI in the exception when throwing it.

I'll sit down and try and work out what the regexp will fail to match later.

@ghost ghost assigned gsnedders Jul 19, 2012

westi commented Oct 10, 2012

Just seen this issue when parsing a site with unfinished anchor html tags.

It was trying to Parse an IRI from:

mailto:?subject=Halloween Paper Bag, Video & Give Away!&body=&nbsp;
It&#39;s WACKY WEDNESDAY!&nbsp;
I have LOTS to share and a give away at the bottom of this post! Don&#39;t miss out!
I have a FUN &quot;little&quot; paper bag book to show you this morning and I&#39;m really excited about it. &nbsp;In the p - http://stampinbythesea.com/halloween-paper-bag-video-give-away

HTML was from http://stampinbythesea.com

@rmccue rmccue closed this in bd0a585 Oct 28, 2012

rmccue added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 28, 2012


gsnedders commented Feb 9, 2013

On the other hand, the regexp should match everything, and there's likely some underlying bug here.

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