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Quotes are removed from ETag headers #26

rmccue opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Originally reported by Anonymous as issue 113

A header sent from teh servert like this:

ETag: "aae714dc9ba620a634334090ec80271e"

will get the quotes removed by SimplePie_HTTP_Parser. Those quotes are required according to

However, some servers do not include them, and just adding them to the request If-None-Match header will confuse the server at the next request, and it will likely produce a 200 answer instead of a 304, even if there are no changes.

Examples of feeds that require the tag to be sent back exactly as it is received in order to obtain a correct 304 response: (incorrectly sending the ETag without quotes) (here, SimplePie incorrectly removes quotes)


@SimplePie_HTTP_Parser@ is horribly broken in so many ways…


Agreed. We have 9 issues for it alone.

@skyzyx skyzyx referenced this issue from a commit in skyzyx/simplepie
@rmccue rmccue Add workaround for ETag quoting. Fixes #26 6b9319f
This issue was closed.
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