Why is <dc:subject> treated as category? #422

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I was wondering why <dc:subject> is treated as a category by the get_categories() methods.

A subject and a category seem to be different things to me.




From the Dublin Core spec: http://dublincore.org/documents/2012/06/14/dcmi-terms/?v=elements#subject

Definition: The topic of the resource.
Comment: Typically, the subject will be represented using keywords, key phrases, or classification codes. Recommended best practice is to use a controlled vocabulary.

After some research, this table seems to be the best explanation: http://www.feedsweep.com/ShowArticle.aspx?ID=38

Filter Item Atom RSS (2.0, 0.91, 0.92) RDF/RSS (1.0, 0.90)
FeedTags /atom/feed/category /rss/channel/category /rss/channel/dc:subject /rdf:RDF/channel/dc:subjec

Some personal thoughts:
I'll agree, there is too many categories used in Atom/RSS feeds worldwide, a lot of them seems to be too unique (eg. reverse lookup returning 1 item, for a timeline of 3 years, when filtering by url host).

I haven't done any research on dc:subjec specifically, but I guess it has an small to medium impact on the results above.
The biggest problem as I see it, is the webpages doing the following:

  • tagging no categories at all
  • tagging a hardcoded list of categories
  • tagging categories that's not really an category (eg. author, agency, it's own webpage name, etc).
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