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How to handle IntegerType and DecimalType #22

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Cassandra's IntegerType is implemented as arbitrary precision Java BigIntegers and DecimalType is implemented as arbitrary precision Java BigDecimals, see the documentation and the marshallers from the cassandra source:

How should this be handled in the node driver? For now (since I haven't had a use case yet) I'm ok with just using javascript numbers, but maybe we'll have to switch to something like node-bigint at some point? What do you thing?


i was also thinking node-bigint is the way to go, however, that would require a compiled dependency and the target installation location have gmp installed on it. What do you think?


I'm not sure about that one. Its a direct port from a browser version and it doesn't have any tests. Furthermore, the last time it had anything doen to it was over a year ago.


When I pull very large Ints (64bit), I loss precision. Because I have to work with large values, I'm already working with node-bigint. These are lookup UIDs, which causes havac for me. Being able to retrieve large Ints without lossing precision will make a lot of problems go away.

@duyleekun doesn't required compiled dependency


how do you figure? is in the root and the install script is "node-gyp configure build". More than likely I'll be working in this, or node-num which is a pure JS version.

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