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Give the user ability to change underlying marshaller #3

devdazed opened this Issue Mar 5, 2012 · 3 comments

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devdazed commented Mar 5, 2012

The user should be able to let the driver know what type of marshaller to use when storing data on the thrift side of the driver. This should override what the schema says.

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@elubow elubow reopened this Mar 5, 2012
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elubow commented Mar 5, 2012

It would be great if this could work similar to the Pycassa driver. For instance, if the schema for the CF has a default validator of UTF8Type() and you want to make a single column (composite in this case) a boolean value, the driver should have the ability to force Cassandra to ignore it's default column family validator:

from pycassa.types import BooleanType
column_family.column_validators[('foo', 'bar')] = BooleanType()
columns[('foo','bar')] = True
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This will be done in the following manner:

columnFamily.setColumnValidator(['foo','bar'], 'BooleanType');


columnFamily.setColumnValidator(['foo','bar'], 'CompositeType(BytesType, LongType)';

for composites

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Added with 1191611

@devdazed devdazed closed this Oct 19, 2012
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