Allow arrays as parameter for multiget operations. #68

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Would it be feasable to allow arrays as parameters?
This would allow for multi-get operations such as:

pool.cql('SELECT ?,? FROM Users WHERE user_id IN (?)', ['name', 'address', ['simong', 'johndoe'] ], function(err, results){
    results.forEach(function(row) {
         console.log(row.get('name').value + ' lives on ' + row.get('address').name);

The change is trivial of course but the impact might not be as some people are perhaps relying on this behaviour?
One line 111 in connection.js replace the quote encapsulation by

return sanitized.join(',');
SimpleReach member

hmm, interesting. This is the intended functionality. It seems as though it is adding too may quotes, so you get CQL like:

SELECT 'name','address' FROM Users WHERE user_id IN (''simong'',''johndoe'')

While your suggestion will fix it, I will have to look to see if it will break the API before making this change.

@devdazed devdazed closed this in 682723a Sep 27, 2012
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