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leconte's (ORNL Jetson based cluster) example program, which explores various fractals
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This is a repository for simulation and interactive program to be ran on leconte

usage image


Currently, this is only known to work on MacOS, Linux, either my personal desktop, or a Jetson TX2 (which is what leconte uses).

You need:

  • C compiler for MPI (mpicc) (use environment variable MPICC to set this)
  • MPI libraries
  • SDL2 and SDL2_ttf
  • LZ4 (you need a specific version, use this tarball)

Optionally, the following are supported:

  • CUDA (use --with-cuda to specify)

On leconte

This is for setting up the project on a physical build of leconte.

First, you will need to set up our ansible configuration on the cluster.

Either download a release tarball, or clone the development branch. (you can do this anywhere on the filesystem).

Now, run ./configure --prefix=/leconte/shared assure this runs with no errors.

Run make and assure there are no errors during compilation, then run make install

This should install binaries to the correct places that our ansible-installed scripts are looking for.

Now, to test, run /leconte/ you should have a fullscreen application running in about 5-6 seconds max.


From Release Tarball

To build, run:

./configure && make

to build without CUDA support, run:

./configure --without-cuda

The resulting binary is ./src/fractalexplorer, and must be ran with mpirun

From Repository

First, install GNU Autotools for your platform. Then, run autoreconf -i

Now, you can run ./configure && make just like From Release Tarball.


Install scripts for required software are provided for macOS and ubuntu, they should be ran like: ./ or ./ respectively.


To run, use mpirun:

mpirun -n 1 ./src/fractalexplorer -h

to view help.

Run mpirun -n 6 ./src/fractalexplorer -i250 -crandom -F to do a fullscreen render.

You will need at least 2 threads (1 head and 1 compute), but you can add as many as you'd like.

TODO: Add multi-machine example



Keyboard arrows pan, space zooms in, and shift+space zooms out.

p increases iteration, o decreases

a and s change the engine (c or CUDA)

k increases number of nodes working on image, j decreases

m and n navigate through the fractal types

z toggles simple or gradient coloring

x toggles binary decomposition on the real component of z_n

c toggles binary decomposition on the imaginary component of z_n`

esc or q quit the program gracefully

e exits with a non-zero return code (123)


You need to change macros in src/render.c, that start with CONTROLLER_.

The current CONTROLLER_ macros are valid for the Logitech F310

Current controls:

Left/Right triggers: zooms in and out

Left/Right bumpers: decreases and increases the number of workers

DPad Left and Right: Switches between types of fractals

DPad Up and Down: Increase and decrease the number of iterations

Left joystick: Pans in the complex plane

Right joystick: Changes the q variable in the complex plane

X button: toggles smooth shading

Y button: toggles binary decomposition on imaginary component

B button: toggles binary decomposition on real component

A button: toggles 'theatric mode', which disables the overlay and graph

Back button (aka select button): switch between computing with C and CUDA engines


To distribute source, run make dist-gzip (or make dist-zip), you should have fractalexplorer-VERSION.tar.gz (or

This is what is included on the releases page.

It includes configure, so you don't need autotools to install the program once untarred/unzipped; just use ./configure && make

FAQS/Common Problems

Q: During compilation, the compiler complains that LZ4_compress_default is undefined/unresolved. How to fix?

A: You either haven't installed LZ4, or have an improper version (even Ubuntu repositories carry old versions). Install using this tarball.

Q: The program compiles fine, but when running, it gives an error that a library can't be found (like cannot find

A: Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include any locations where required libraries are found. This should include /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib

Q: I'm getting an error that wasn't listed in this section, how do I troubleshoot?

A: Use fractalexplorer's verbose setting: add -v5 to the argument list when running, and much more info will be printed. Paste the entire program log with -v5 to hastebin or a similar site, and open up an issue, describe your problem and link the program output.

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