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Simplicité Software

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Heroku® template for Simplicité®

This is the embedded Tomcat template for Heroku® designed for Simplicité® instances.


Java JDK and Maven required to run locally.

A Heroku account and Heroku toolbelt required to deploy to Heroku please refer to Heroku dev center for details

Clone our embedded Tomcat template (if you are reading this file chances are this is already done ;-)

Get the Simplicité® instance template from our GIT repository (see website for details on how to get access to this repository).

Copy your root webapp in the webapps/ROOT folder (or leave the default test webapp as is):

cp -r <template path>/app webapps/ROOT

Run locally

Build the package using Maven with:

mvn package

Then run the package with:

java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar target/tomcat-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar

NB: a similar run command is in the Procfile

Deploy on Heroku

Initial deployment

Add the heroku remote to the cloned Git repository by creating a new application:

heroku create [<your Heroku app name>]

or, if the application already exists:

heroku git:remote -a <your Heroku app name>

Add and commit your changes locally in the Git repository:

git add <...>
git commit <...>

Then deploy to Heroku by:

git push [--force] heroku master

or if you want to configure heroku as the default pustream for pushes:

 git push --set-upstream heroku master

in this case subsequent pushes will only require:

git push

Note: to avoid accidentally pushing your changes to the origin remote, we recommend that you remove it by:

git remote remove origin

or, if you still want to be able to pull from the origin remote, just inhibitate pushing to it by:

git remote set-url --push origin no_push

Upgrade deployments

To upgrade a deployed instance you should resynchronize the root webapp, for instance by:

rsync -auv <template path>/app/ webapps/ROOT

And then add, commit and push like described above (as of Simplicité® version 4.0, the auto upgrade option -Dplatform.autoupgrade=true will apply platform patches at startup).


Template for Heroku deployment





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