Plugin that will auto configure application datasources to be 'delayed'. The database is not required for the application to boot.
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Delayed Datasources Plugin

Adds support for starting an application succssfully without the databases being running.

The datasources and session factory are reconfigured such that they will only be created when the database is present, and will non fatally fail in other cases.

Once the session factory and datasources are created, they will act as normal and tolerate failure in the DB connections.

Inspired and adapted from Burt Beckwiths


Currently tested against Grails 1.3.7 only. Supports the single Grails 1.3.7 datasource only.

Dialects are required to be explicitly set, this is not yet enforced. Pooling is required to have an initial size of 0, this is not yet enforced


Add the latest version of the plugin to the BuildConfig.groovy

  plugins {
    runtime ':delayed-datasources:0.1'


  • Support Grails 2 datasources and configurations
  • Support Grails 1.3.7 datasources plugin
  • Support enforcement of explicit dialect configuration
  • Enforce pool size for commons pool
  • Enforce pool size for C3P0
  • Enforce pool size for Tomcat JDBC Pool
  • Record failure and success to infer database connection status and expose via a user screen/ JSON endpoint