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= flogger
== What is it
It's a test/unit extension so you can unit test your flog scores
== Installation
sudo gem install flog
sudo gem install simplificator-flogger
== usage
In your unit tests do
def test_something
= Samples:
== Flog a file or all ruby files in a directory
== Flog several files or directories
assert_flog(file_or_dir_1, file_or_dir_2, file_or_fir_n)
== set your own flog threshold
assert_flog(file_or_dir, :threshold => 20)
== set your own flog threshold for a specific method
assert_flog(file_or_dir, :thresholds => {'FooClass#bar_method'})
= Credits
Thanks to the ruby sadists at
= More
See lib/flogger/assertions.rb for more
= About us
Simplificator writes Ruby and Ruby on Rails apps for a living.