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astjohn committed Mar 28, 2011
1 parent 0e9efd1 commit e2a5fe2859fdbaef0b3774c968fa357183c1c396
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@@ -513,11 +513,11 @@ def @bounding_box.move_past_bottom
# Places a text box on specified pages for page numbering. This should be called
# towards the end of document creation, after all your content is already in
# place. In your template string, <page> refers to the current page, and
- # <total> refers to the total amount of pages in the doucment. Page numbering should
+ # <total> refers to the total amount of pages in the document. Page numbering should
# occur at the end of your Prawn::Document.generate block because the method iterates
# through existing pages after they are created.
- # Paramaters are:
+ # Parameters are:
# <tt>string</tt>:: Template string for page number wording.
# Should include '<page>' and '<total>'.
@@ -531,7 +531,7 @@ def @bounding_box.move_past_bottom
# <tt>:color</tt>:: Text fill color.
# Please refer to Prawn::Text::text_box for additional options concerning text
- # formatting and placement. More specifically, do not forget the width option.
+ # formatting and placement.
# Example: Print page numbers on every page except for the first. Start counting from
# five.

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