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== rwebthumb
= what is it
A Ruby wrapper for the webthumb API from and a generator
for the easythumb API
= Installation
sudo gem update --system (in case you are not yet on version 1.2.0 or higher)
sudo gem sources -a (only once)
sudo gem install simplificator-rwebthumb
= Usage
# require the libs
require 'rubygems'
require 'rwebthumb'
include Simplificator::Webthumb
# Creating a Webthumb Object. This is used as your main access point.
# Create a new thumbnail job
job = wt.thumbnail(:url => '')
# fetch the thumbnail. this might throw an exception from server side
# if thumb is not ready yet
# you can check the status of a job
# or fetch the thumbnail when it is complete
# once thumbnails are fetched they are cached within the job. so a new fetch will not go to the server again
# there is a helper method to write the images to disk
job.write_file(job.fetch(:custom), '/tmp/test.jpg')
# if you have a job ID then you can use this to get a Job object and then use the fetch_xyz methods
# generate a Easythumb URL
# This returns an URL which you can directly use in your webpage
et.build_url(:url => '', :size => :large, :cache => 1)