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Simplify Commerce payment module for Drupal

This plugin adds Simplify Commerce as a payment option on your Drupal applications to provide secure card payments. The Simplify Commerce payment module for Drupal is built on top of the Drupal Commerce module.


This is version 2.1.0.


This plugin requires Drupal 8.2.x or later and Drupal Commerce 2.0-beta5 or later.


  1. Make a backup of your site before applying any modifications.

  2. Install and enable Drupal Commerce.


  1. Download the Simplify Commerce payment module at Simplify Commerce Drupal module releases page.

  2. Install Simplify Commerce payment module. Refer to Drupal documentation on how to install a module.

  3. Enable Simplify Commerce payment module by selecting Simplify Commerce on the administrative interface Extend List page, Commerce section and clicking Install.

    Simplify Commerce module enable


  1. Obtain your Public and Private API Keys by logging into the Simplify Commerce dashboard and copying the keys from Settings > Api Keys. Choose Sandbox keys for testing purposes.

  2. Add your Public & Private API Keys through the administrative interface Commerce > Configuration > Payment gateways > Add Payment gateway.

Simplify Commerce Setup

  1. Enter a name for the payment gateway.

  2. Choose a plugin, either Simplify Commerce (On-site) or Simplify Commerce Hosted Payment (Off-site redirect). Select Simplify Commerce Hosted Payment to use Simplify Commerce's secure hosted payment form for your payments. See Simplify Commerce Hosted Payments for more information.

  3. Select Test or Live Mode. Sandbox keys for testing and Live keys for real payments.

  4. Paste the keys copied Simplify Commerce site.

  5. Select the Enabled checkbox for the payment gateway to be enabled on save.

  6. Click Save to complete the Simplify Commerce payment gateway.

Test card numbers are provided on the Simplify Commerce site for testing with your Sandbox keys.

When ready to process real payments, edit the values and input your Live keys.

Using the module

During the checkout process, Simplify Commerce module displays the payment information page where payment details are entered.

Simplify Commerce module payment information

If Simplify Commerce Hosted Payment is enabled, during the checkout process after the order review, you will be redirected to Simplify Commerce site where the hosted payment form is displayed for payment details. Once payment is submitted, you will be redirected back to your site.

Simplify Commerce Hosted Payment

Note that no card details are ever sent to your site. Instead the details are securely sent to Simplify Commerce where a token representing the payment details is returned.

You can manage your Simplify account (view payments and deposits, perform refunds etc.) using the Simplify Commerce dashboard.


This software is Open Source, released under the BSD 3-Clause license. See LICENSE.txt for more info.