A VirtueMart plugin on the Joomla platform for Simplify Commerce
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Making the plugin work and adding hosted payments


Simplify Commerce payment module for VirtueMart

This plugin adds Simplify Commerce as a payment option on your VirtueMart checkout page.

Ref: https://www.simplify.com/commerce/

Ref: http://virtuemart.net/


1/ If you haven't done so already, download a release (simplifycommerce.zip) from the menu option above and install the zip file through the Joomla admin panel.

2/ Follow the instructions on-screen to add Simplify Commerce as a payment method to VirtueMart


1/ Unzip the downloaded source zip file and build your own module zip file by executing an 'ant' command within the root directory.

2/ You can install the newly built module (located in the 'dist' folder) as before.

You can manage your Simplify account (view deposits, perform refunds etc.) using the Simplify dashboard at https://www.simplify.com/commerce/.


This software is Open Source, released under the BSD 3-Clause license. See licence.txt for more info.