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Simplify Commerce payment module for osCommerce

This plugin adds Simplify Commerce as a payment option on your osCommerce checkout page.


  1. Download this module as a ZIP file, unpack it and copy the files located under the catalog directory to your osCommerce installation directory.

  2. The files to be copied are:

    • admin/images/simplifycommerce/logo.png
    • ext/simplifycommerce/payments/Simplify.php
    • ext/simplifycommerce/payments/Simplify/..
    • images/simplifycommerce/logo.png
    • includes/languages/english/modules/payment/simplifycommerce_payments.php
    • includes/modules/payment/simplifycommerce_payments.php
    • includes/modules/payment/simplifycommerce_payments.tmpl

    These files are new and should not overwrite any existing files.

  3. Once the files have been copied the module can be installed and configured through the Admin page under the Modules > Payment page Click Install Module. Select Simplify Commerce from the list and select Install Module again.

  4. Select Edit and enter your API keys. For more detail on your Api Keys follow this link. When you are ready to take real payments set Live Mode to true. To test your module you can use it in Sandbox mode. To make your Simplify Commerce module availble in the osCommerce checkout make sure you set Enabled to true. Select Save. You are now ready to take payments with Simplify Commerce.

You can manage your Simplify account (view deposits, perform refunds etc.) using the Simplify dashboard.


This software is Open Source, released under the BSD 3-Clause license. See for more info.

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