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If you want to run any Remark application locally, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure all Prequerities are installed
  2. Follow General Setup
  3. Follow API, Web, Browser and/or CDN - depending on your needs!
  4. Want to contribute? Check


  1. Node (
  2. MySQL (
  3. Redis (
  4. RabbitMQ (
  5. Yarn (npm i -g yarn)
  6. NX CLI (yarn global add @nrwl/cli)

General Setup

  1. Star & Fork the repository


  1. Clone your fork
git clone
cd remark
  1. Install all dependencies
  1. Create global .env from template
cp .env.template .env
  1. Edit .env to your needs

  2. Pull prisma

yarn prisma:dev

Use these commands to execute an action for all apps:

yarn start
yarn build
yarn lint

API Setup

  1. Create certs
yarn certs
  1. Create API specific .env
cp apps/api/.env.template apps/api/.env
  1. Edit apps/api/.env to your needs!


nx serve api
nx build api
nx lint api

Web Setup

  1. Create Web specific .env
cp apps/web/.env.template apps/api/.env.local
  1. Edit apps/api/.env.local to your needs!


nx serve web
nx build web
nx lint web

Browser Setup

Depends on Web and API! CDN is recommended.

  1. Build the extension
nx serve browser

Chrome (or chromium based)

  1. Open chrome://extensions/
  2. Press "Load unpacked"
  3. Navigate to the remark source code and select the build folder inside apps/browser/
  4. A new extension should show up. Copy the ID shown in the extension box
  5. Paste the copied id into apps/web/.env.local as the NEXT_PUBLIC_CHROME_ID


  1. Enter about:debugging in the Firefox search bar
  2. Navigate to the This Firefox tab
  3. Press Load Temporary Add-on
  4. Navigate to the remark source code and select the manifest.json file inside apps/browser/build


nx serve browser
nx build browser
nx lint browser

CDN Setup

Depends on API!

  1. Create CDN specific .env
cp apps/cdn/.env.template apps/cdn/.env
  1. Edit apps/cdn/.env to your needs!
nx serve cdn
nx build cdn
nx lint cdn

WSS Setup

Depends on API!

  1. Create WSS specific .env
cp apps/wss/.env.template apps/wss/.env
  1. Edit apps/wss/.env to your needs!
nx serve wss
nx build wss
nx lint wss


Every contribution is welcome! Learn more about how to contribute by reading the file.