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Web.Maps.VE - ASP.NET Ajax Bing Maps Server Control
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Simplovation Web.Maps.VE

The only ASP.NET Ajax Bing Maps Server Control

Download via Nuget

Web.Maps.VE is the only ASP.NET Ajax Bing Maps Server Control. Allowing you to integrate Bing Maps mapping functionality into your ASP.NET Web Forms applications without requring you to write any JavaScript. Even though you are not required to write JavaScript, there is still a FULL JavaScript API exposed that allows you to customize the map any way you want.

Project Dependencies:

This project works with ASP.NET Web Forms only. It is not compatible with ASP.NET MVC. As a result of the Web Forms dependency, this project is not compatible with ASP.NET Core 1.0.


Currently the documentation for this control is still located over on the CodePlex project site located here:

Current / vNext Work

The current work beind done on this project under the Github repository is to upgrade the Web.Maps.VE control to support the new Bing Maps v8 JavaScript control. The reason this major update and refactoring is being done to Web.Maps.VE is due to the fact that in Fall 2016 Microsoft will no longer be supporting the Bing Maps v6 JavaScript control earlier versions of Web.Maps.VE supported. There are also some additional changes being made within this repo branch of the source code:

Here's a list of some of the changes coming to the next version of Web.Maps.VE:

  • Support for Bing Maps v8 JavaScript control
  • Upgrading to support ASP.NET 4.5 and newer

There will be some breaking changes in the future release of Web.Maps.VE. All breaking changes will be noted in the release notes.


This server control was originally released as a proprietary product of Simplovation LLC. The initial release of the product was in October 2007. In April 2014 the control was released as Open Source to the Web.Maps.VE CodePlex site. In March 2016, the Web.Maps.VE open source project was moved over to this GitHub site so that further work could be done to work on migrating the control from the using Bing Maps v6.3 JavaScript control over to the Bing Maps v8 JavaScript control. The reason for the upgrade work is that in the Fall of 2016, the v6.3 Bing Maps control is being depricated and Microsoft recently released the new Bing Maps v8 JavaScript control.

Original Project Site:

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