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A simple javascript framework using MVC architecture

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[v3.0.0 Beta] SimplrJS


SimplrJS ( Simplr ) is javascript platform for developing flexable, dynamic, ajaxy web applications with a stressing MVC and resource driven url design patterns.


Installation & Requirments

jQuery is required for underlying javascript support. SimplrJS is NOT a jQuery plugin, but instead leverages jQuery as needed for DOM manipulation. Just include this javascript library with jQuery and start coding away!

Change Log


    - Added samples folder with code samples.

Bug Fixes:

    - [ADDED] Simplr.Layout.mAddGlobalToken(token, value) has been added. Where "token" is the token to replace and "value" is the replacement value.
    - [ADDED] Simplr.Layout.mAddComponent(key, component) has been added. Where "key" is a text value and "component" is a text value that contains a html string.
    - [ADDED] Simplr.Console.mMessage was added. Replaces Simplr.Core.Console.mMessage
    - [ADDED] Simplr.Console.mToggle was added. Turns on / off the console.  Replaces the usage of Simplr.Config.mToggleConsole()
    - [ADDED/UPDATED] Simplr.Trigger.mOnLoad. Triggers are no longer loaded automatically.  You must call the Simplr.Trigger.mOnLoad() method to load the triggers.
    - [UPDATED] Email validation rule was updated to allow "+" in the email address. Google allows emails with a "+".
    - [UPDATED] Simplr.Cache.* now always returns null or data for all operations.  NULL can be used to check if soemthing doesn't exist or has expired.
    - [UPDATED] Simplr.Cookie.* now always returns null or data for all operations. NULL can be used to check if soemthing doesn't exist or has expired. 
    - [UPDATED] Simplr.Layout.*, every component requires its own script template block.  You cannot nest components inside other components anymore.
    - [UPDATED] Simplr.Form.mGetValues() now trims leading/trailing whitespace for all input types except password.  The inputs are updated with the trimmed value.
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Layout.mAddGlobalTokens() has been removed.  Use Simplr.Layout.mAddGlobalToken().
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Layout.mAddComponents() has been removed.  Use Simplr.Layout.mAddComponent().
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Layout.mReplaceTokens has been removed.
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Conversion.* has been removed. Use JSON.parse() and JSON.stringify() native methods.
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Browser.* has been removed.  The current browser / device landscape makes this outdated.
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Ui.* has been removed.  These UI widgets arent' generally used and are better off as specialty features.
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Core.Ui.* has been removed.  These core features aren't used, or are just duuplicates of base jQuery functionality.
    - [REMOVED] Array.Prototype.remove by John Resig was removed. Use native Array.splice method instead of this method.
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Core.Util.mHasLocalStorage was removed.  Use your own method to check for localStorage.
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Util.mHasLocalStorage was removed.  Use your own method to check for localStorage.
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Core.Console.* was removed. Use Simplr.Console.* instead.
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Core.Util.* was removed.  Use Simplr.Util.* instead.
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Core.Validation.* was removed.  Use Simplr.Validation.* instead.
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Form.mAddValidators was removed. Use Simplr.Validation.mAddValiators()
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Form.mGetValidators was removed. Use Simplr.Validation.mGetValidators() 
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Form.mAddCodes was removed. Use Simplr.Validation.mAddCodes()
    - [REMOVED] Simplr.Form.mGetCodes was removed. Use Simplr.Validation.mGetCodes()

    - Updated to jquery 2.1.0


  • Simplr.Cache.*
    • Simplr.Cache.mExpire()
    • Simplr.Cache.mGet()
    • Simplr.Cache.mSet()
  • Simplr.Controller.*
    • Simplr.Controller.mAddBases()
    • Simplr.Controller.mAddCommands()
    • Simplr.Controller.mData()
    • Simplr.Controller.mExecute()
    • Simplr.Controller.mRoute()
    • Simplr.Controller.mRouteAndExecute()
  • Simplr.Cookie.*
    • Simplr.Cookie.mGet()
    • Simplr.Cookie.mSet()
    • Simplr.Cookie.mExpire()
  • Simplr.Console.*
    • Simplr.Console.mToggle()
    • Simplr.Console.mMessage()
  • Simplr.Form.*
    • Simplr.Form.mAddLabelAssociation()
    • Simplr.Form.mAddValidationAssociation()
    • Simplr.Form.mGetValues()
    • Simplr.Form.mValidateValuesAndRender()
  • Simplr.Layout.*
    • Simplr.Layout.mAddComponent()
    • Simplr.Layout.mAssembleLayout()
    • Simplr.Layout.mData()
    • Simplr.Layout.mGetComponent()
    • Simplr.Layout.mAddGlobalToken()
  • Simplr.Trigger.*
    • Simplr.Trigger.mAddServices()
    • Simplr.Trigger.mSetEnvironment()
    • Simplr.Trigger.mData()
    • Simplr.Trigger.mOnPage()
    • Simplr.Trigger.mOnEvent()
    • Simplr.Trigger.mOnTransaction()
  • Simplr.Util.*
    • Simplr.Util.mEmpty()
    • Simplr.Util.mEqual()
    • Simplr.Util.mGetUrlParameter()
    • Simplr.Util.mTruncateString()
  • Simplr.Validation.*
    • Simplr.Validation.mAddCodes()
    • Simplr.Validation.mGetCodes()
    • Simplr.Validation.mAddValidators()
    • Simplr.Validation.mGetValidators()
    • Simplr.Validation.mGetRuleResultsTemplate()
    • Simplr.Validation.mGetCodeMessage()
    • Simplr.Validation.mValidate()
  • Simplr.View.*
    • Simplr.View.mAddViews()
    • Simplr.View.mData()
    • Simplr.View.mRender()


see SimplrJS Documentation

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