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This needs a good old review. I've been merging from upstream regularly, but if people could pull it down, check it's all good or provide issues if not that would be great.

Future of front end.

/cc @robinrendle @garrettwinder @tomdavies @miketk

linssen and others added some commits Aug 11, 2012
@linssen linssen coffee scripted EDJ in the face c17d712
@linssen linssen totes forgot to commit the base template initialiser
also upgraded to jQuery 1.8
@linssen linssen dumbass only checking if it's a boolean, not if it should run 54e31e5
@linssen linssen commenting to keep it the same 4a6f101
@linssen linssen don't want the lock file dca1a27
@linssen linssen Updated fork from original repo / master
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
@linssen linssen Apple have bug fixed the rotation shenanigans 5bd4d23
@chrisrowe chrisrowe Added extra ARIA role 309e19f
@chrisrowe chrisrowe Updated jQuery and hotlinking 0e0a846
@linssen linssen coffee scripted EDJ in the face 21ccdb7
@linssen linssen added a readme for the EDJ 8a2231b
@linssen linssen corrected indentation on example (which _probably_ works) 56cf421
@linssen linssen missing this notation 2c046b3
@linssen linssen merged from upstream de2ab7d
@linssen linssen moved old web to public 308d855
@linssen linssen merge left in e977663
@linssen linssen lives in lib 60e684e
@linssen linssen some grunt stuff 83717ee
@linssen linssen updated to 1.4.0
coffee etc.
@linssen linssen scss too 15088c6
@linssen linssen using underscore template instead of coffee static
so that we can use them as keys etc.
@linssen linssen watch task 1b64104
@linssen linssen updated the readme for the hot new shit 8fe45f5
@linssen linssen added us contributors 48c75e5
@linssen linssen fixed mising link 8283794
@chrisrowe chrisrowe Minor text changes 69a78d7
@linssen linssen Merge pull request #1 from chrisrowe/patch-1
Minor text changes
@linssen linssen setting up for unit tests f8f3aaf
@linssen linssen don't minify on watch - it's dev 6e8095d
@linssen linssen optimised for testing
body not cached (don't really need it)
navigation is always tested for
@linssen linssen more testable log function 74a47e1
@linssen linssen add jquery to the tests d699e7c
@linssen linssen tests for some more EDJ methods cf12804
@linssen linssen test stuff as default e33e41a
@linssen linssen qunit added as a submodule 2ed80f8
@linssen linssen converted tests to coffee and optimised
still need to ensure coffee is compiled before running tests
@linssen linssen I heard you don't like concat, so I took concat out of your concat 8bb6874
@linssen linssen don't want tests in our production code 8475772
@linssen linssen qunit is a submodule 78a85bd
@linssen linssen we're watching for coffee not JS and let's compile it 99fb9b5
@linssen linssen tests are back 86cfcd1
@linssen linssen merged in from upstream a155970
@linssen linssen that's a biggun
moved css to styles
moved js to scripts
removed the EDJ and added a window.settings obj
moved access links into it's own plugin
refettled the Gruntfile for new changes
fixed a relative path in the components scss file
temporarily removed Qunit
@linssen linssen ditched specific box-sizing for generic prefixer 2adc4c7
@linssen linssen sneaky twig submodule removed a1e84fb
@linssen linssen added qunit back in 9e0c63c
@linssen linssen example test for navaccess 33564ba
@linssen linssen fixed default grunt task f1bd120
@linssen linssen updated jquery and modernizr c84038b
@linssen linssen only include compressed if production 0b93ec7
@linssen linssen minor updates to requirements and instruction 68ef65a
@linssen linssen ensuring Grunt will use normal JS too ab5356a
@linssen linssen readme for JS 9b70307
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I've followed the instructions directly from (I think) and I get a "Warning: PhantomJS not found" error after instruction number 8.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 2 25 33 PM


Pull and try it again, @garrettwinder I forgot to save the dependency in the packages file. 😊

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Works for me now 👍

@linssen linssen closed this Jul 16, 2013
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I get the impression the chaps are working on some hot new shit (🔥 💩) #hotnewshit, and this was pretty 'hello, world' anyway.

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