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A generic interface for revealing changes in code quality
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So you have a big project and you want to improve the code quality? Sweet. Too bad you'll get a million errors when you run rubocop, reek, or flog, so it'll annoy you with information overload until you get fed up & turn it off.

Enter: RubyAppraiser, a generic interface for attaching code-quality tools that limits their output to the lines you're changing, which allows you to use these tools to gradually heal projects. Add a pre-commit hook that rejects defective contributions, level up to require entire touched files to be fixed, or run several code-quality tools in a single command.

The filters currently provided are:

  • all - (default) show all defects
  • authored - all uncommitted defects
  • staged - all staged defects
  • touched - all defects in files that have been touched
  • last - all defects in last commit (working directory must be clean)


  1. Include one or more adapters in your Gemfile or as development dependencies of your gem. They'll make sure their dependencies (including ruby-appraiser itself) are taken care of.
gem 'ruby-appraiser-rubocop'
gem 'ruby-appraiser-reek'
  1. Execute the appraiser:
bundle exec ruby-appraiser --mode=authored reek rubocop

The script will exit 0 IFF there are no matching defects from any of your coverage tools. The tools themselves will respect any project-wide settings or config files.

$ bundle exec ruby-appraiser --help
Usage: ruby-appraiser [inspector...] [options]
    -v, --[no-]verbose        Run verbosely
    -t, --trace               Include backtrace on failure
        --list                List available adapters
        --silent              Silence output
        --mode=MODE           Set the mode. [staged,authored,touched,last,all]
        --git-hook            Output a git hook with current comand to STDOUT
        --all                 Run all available adapters.


  1. Write an adapter! Take a look at the existing adapter gems for help.
class Foo < RubyAppraiser::Adapter
  def appraise
    # ...
    add_defect( file, line, description )
    # ...

This project uses the git-flow branching model, which means every commit on master is by definition a release. Security-related fixes should be submitted as hotfix branches off of master; all other features and fixes must be based on develop.



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