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Decentralization Off The Shelf

Decentralized technologies enable alternative applications that challenge the traditional models: where government and corporate control are causing harm, decentralized technologies have the potential to bring about autonomy, resilience, and equity.

However, adoption is slow. Developers and designers need resources that help them understand how to build decentralized applications. Designers need new patterns and approaches for driving the development of decentralized protocols and applications.

This is the work-in-progress library of patterns to support the design and development of better user-facing applications that are backed by decentralized architecture.

You can see these patterns in ther published state, on the pattern library section of the Decentralization, off the shelf website.


This pattern library would not exist without YOUR contributions. Please feel free to open an issue or pull request to start a discussion or suggest changes to any of these patterns -- or add a new one! We are actively seeking more input and expertise to advance existing patterns we've already released in this repository.

If you'd like to contribute to an existing pattern or propose a new pattern, please feel free to open a pull request or open an issue.

Stay up to date by watching this repository. Maintainers will be prompt in responding to inquiries!


Decentralization Off The Shelf is an initiative hosted by Simply Secure, a US-based nonprofit supporting the usability of safety and privacy tools.

The initiative is currently maintained by Eileen Wagner and Karissa McKelvey, and has a group of volunteer contributors and advisors.

Read more about governance structures and our Code of Conduct.

Support Us

You can support us by donating to DOTS or through direct contribution to this repository.


Backers support this project by contributing $2 to $99 a month. Become a backer


Sponsors support this project by contributing $100 a month or more. Become a sponsor


All design patterns are licensed CC-BY


Patterns for decentralized protocols and applications.






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