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<title>When you name a target, leave it some privacy<title>
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<p>THere's a question that I wanted to ask you, noble reader. Consider the following code snippet:</p>
<%= to_html('code/r2-static.xml') %>
<p>There's an assertion that in Object Oriented programming that every class should have a secret. If your classes don't encapsulate a process and spare the rest of a system the details, then you haven't factored your object model correctly.</p>
<p>So if every class in OO code should have a secret, should targets in your build have secrets? Does that mean that you shouldn't expose (in the name of the target) how a target does what it does? In this example, how about <strong>backend-static-archive</strong> as a target name instead of <strong>backend-zip-static</strong> ? </p>
<p> The example above came from a real project. We changed the way we deployed the app, and had to painstakingly rename the target and its references across a hierarchy of build files. Yes, we probably shouldn't have had such a huge hierarchy of build files. But we did.</p>
<p>Should you ever expose the process that you apply inside a target? Or should the name of the target just describe the output? What do you think? Comments <i>very</i> welcome below.</p>
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