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manage apache, modules and sites
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This module manages apache2 on Debian/etch. There are defines to handle sites
and modules the Debian Way.

See also the wiki page at
which was originally written by Tim Stoop <>


The primary port (default: 80) can be configured by setting $apache2_port in
the node scope.

Setting $apache2_ssl to "enabled", causes the SSL module to be installed and 
configured. Additionally apache2 is configured to listen on 443 or
$apache2_ssl_port and use puppet's certificate.


The main class, apache2, installs apache2 with the default MPM. 

The apache2::no_default_site variant additionally removes Debian's default site


This module provides types for site and module management.

	apache2::site (
		$ensure = {*present*, absent, "filename"},
		$require_package = {*apache2*, packagename},

This type manages the /etc/apache2/sites-available file and enables or disables
the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/$name symlink by calling a2ensite or a2dissite
as neccessary.

	apache2::module (
		$ensure = {*present*, absent},
		$require = {*apache2*, packagename}

This type enables or disables the /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/$name symlink by
calling a2enmod or a2dismod as neccessary.


The class installs a nagios service check for the primary port. Additionally
a NameVirtualHost for $hostname is configured where the server-status is
available for access from $ipaddress. This is used by the munin plugins
apache_accesses, apache_processes and apache_volume.


The site type should manage the sites-available file too, by providing
content/source parameters.

With the recent changes to "require" stacking, the site's and module's require
parameter is obsolete.
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