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Building an Angular 2 Website Using Routes

This is a simple Angular 2 website using the brand new router. It demonstrates how to build components, configure routes, inject services, and use the @Input decorator to bind properties to components.


  • You must have node and npm installed (via brew install node or NodeJS.org);
  • You must also have typings installed globally via npm i -g typings
  • Be sure that you have typings version 1.x

Getting Started

git clone https://github.com/simpulton/angular2-website-routes.git
cd angular2-website-routes
npm i
typings install
npm start

Then navigate your browser to http://localhost:3001 and use the app.


The test setup includes webpack.test.config.js, spec-bundle.js, and karma.conf.js. To run unit tests, execute npm test in your terminal.