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StarWars Markov Script Generator
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Star Wars Markov generator, stealing code shamelessly and gratuitously from @evelinag's awesome F# Advent Post Star Wars Social Networks. Very simple bi-gram prediction which makes it very easy to avoid unmatched states. Be sure to grab the supporting files and edit the paths to find them (eg aliases.csv)

If you want to mix in additional corpi, pass the additional text filenames on the command line. Pass them multiple times to increase their weight.

Some sample output:

Luke, I

Luke, I didn't come back? HAN I don't blame you for bringing this to remember something. He looks around for another pass. JANSON Cable detached. EXT. HOTH - ENTRANCE TO ICE GORGE - DUSK They only work on him. Instantly, fiery liquid begins to chant. VALORUM talks to Chirpa and Logray, who listen and shake their heads negatively. The Medicine Man gestures toward the temple, barely visible in the gloom of the members of the fleet. LANDO All wings report in. DACK Luke, glancing over, sees Rogue Two EXT. HOTH - SNOWDRIFT - DAY LOW ANGLE. A

[using a random seed and mixing in Hamlet and Macbeth]

ANAKIN I will. Ghost. My hour is almost knocked overboard; he sticks his computer arm into a heap of broken BATTLE DROID by pushing him into a fast; Thence to be spilt. [Re-enter Horatio with Ophelia.] Oph. Where is Duncans body? Macd. Carried to Colmekill, The Sacred Store-house of his ear-piercing howls. He grabs it between his howling and your lean beggar is but the name. To pay ourselves what to ourselves in our generation that will lead us to enter the huge round readout screen, listening to PALPATINE. ANAKIN: Chancellor, we have something to eat? She takes a step backward,


JAR JAR follows. JAR JAR unhitch the back and plug him into position. BEN Only passengers. Myself, the boy, red his mother... WATTO tosses the dead creature. LUKE Is my mother here? HAN Star Destroyer. X-wings pilots head across the corridor every minute or so. DARTH MAUL standing in a bacta tank filled with IDENTICAL YOUNG BOY CLONES. OBI-WAN Wouldn't that be on record. The Council keeps pushing for more control. They're shrouded in an amazing reverse flip up to try to lose the TIE fighters. Laser bolts fly everywhere and surround the laser

Help me

Help me raise our child. Leave everything else behind while we still can. ANAKIN: Don't worry. I'm coming around on the elevator shaft open up, and cuts Anakin free. GENERAL GRIEVOUS: General Kenobi, you disappoint me... why haven't you paid me? And why did you end up deep fried. Personally, I?d very much agasint this Count Dooku . . every second I was in Level Three, we used to think about... The problem was, the more foolish... the fool who follows him? Han shakes his head back in a couple yards of the mesa and studies the landscape with his Uncle Owen

only hope

only hope the punishment will not dispute that. YODA : The Autopilot is searching for Luke in a million. INT. GOLD LEADER'S Y-WING - COCKPIT OBI-WAN, BAIL, YODA, and TWO CREW MEMBERS. BAIL ORGANA: The end of it. It belongs to someone called Obi-Wan Kenobi. Owen is negotiating with the fantastic cries of unimaginable creatures. Han, Luke and Leia) Get on with it ... I don't pick up the stairs. Luke stands up and gives one last big suck and heads down toward the sky to Leia, who has leaped fifteen feet straight up and bows quickly. A twelve-foot hologram

bad feeling

bad feeling about this. OBI-WAN (V.O.) I hope you know I'm disobeying my mandate to protect me... PADME pulls a lever, and the two guards look up and pushes buttons on the BODYGUARDS, smashing them. OBI-WAN walks over and give us justice. You could use you. LUKE Well, that's not it. (Chewie barks) Alluvial dampers...! Well that's not exactly what I mean. OBI-WAN looks around for signs of hurried departure. All of the rocking skiff. He casually extends an open cockpit... and with a powerful ally. EMPEROR The deck gunners have Chewie and Leia rushing toward

shoots at

shoots at him for a more civilized time. For over a dune sea, kicking up dust. His Pod shakes violently as he keeps trying to get away from OBI-WAN. The CHANCELLOR and his entourage approach MACE. MACE WlNDU: Chancellor Palpatine, what a welcome one. I promise, Your Majesty, our only, chance. AMIDALA : I'm the youngest Queen ever elected, but now that she is and what has happened. ZAM takes out his pocket comlink. OBI-WAN (V.O.) Come on! The troops in the foliage. HAN What, Chewie? What? Chewie! The Wookiee shrugs and pulls the cable drops away. INT. MILLENNIUM

Death Star

Death Star supernovas into oblivion. That's why he quit. Only twenty Jedi have tried to overthrow the Senate. BAIL ORGANA: Now that he sails right over the finish line, the winner. INT. MOS ESPA - SANDSTORM - DAY QUEEN AMIDALA, PADME, EIRTA, YANE, RABE, and OBI-WAN is unable to pick off the rolling grassy hills. HUNDREDS OF CLONE TROOPERS round a tree, slowing the scout. LUKE Get him! The PILOT starts to choke. OBI-WAN: Let her go! LUKE ...oh-five; we'll cover for you. Sou you'd remember me. I can't watch any more. OBI-WAN switches off the last instant, Luke steps


CLONE TROOPERS stand guard at the wounded Sith Lord we've been looking for. BEN Partially. But it also obeys your commands. Suspended at eye level, about ten feet tall, and the protecting deflector shield while I was the last piece of metal and tools. PADME No, thanks. There is already too much trouble. LEIA Well, looks like Sandpeople did this, all right. You did it, Artoo! ARTOO beeps ANAKIN : Guess what? I've found that cooling unit with this... Otherwise I'll worry about it, Wormie. The Fixer gives Luke a rough shove. CREATURE Mudhole? Slimy? My


LEIA Put Captain Solo and Luke. The young warrior grabs for it. (laughs) So, you supply the boy. I have a chance! Suddenly, there are individuals who have a good idea? STORMTROOPER Freeze! Don't move! THREEPIO We surrender. The stormtroopers enter with Princess Leia. Leia is watching the view screen. A sea of stars, far above the landing cycle... The blast cuts along the road toward the junk yard. He is CAPTAIN TYPHO, with TWO ROYAL GUARDS. ROYAL GUARD: Identification . . not so successful the last remaining scout to crash into a civil war. SIO BIBBLE (to Lando)


OBI-WAN KENOBI and QUI- GON JINN. He backs out the main room of the walls. Along one side, a group embrace. Luke notices the spinning Threepio, with little Artoo and Chewie are brought by TEN BATTLE DROIDS fire at the gunner's controls. INT. DOCKING BAY 94 - DAY LAMA SU conducts OBI-WAN through a lot to me. They laugh, and PADME and SHMI exchange a quick move around so much, Anakin. I was abrupt. I'll never stop loving you, but you are prepared for the tenth level with electro-binoculars from his bike into forward and are examining their dead beast. One

Darth Vader

Darth Vader was my fault. Ben pauses sadly. BEN Anakin was a Dark Lord raises his arms, shooting out electrical pulses, and bouncing around. OBI-WAN, hands restrained with electrobonds, spins around, reaches out to inspect it, and cuts a lurking PROBE DROID turns and aims the full force of his hand in an environment such as this -- that's why I've also been programmed for over a screen speaks into the dense foliage in front of WATTO. He studies it. WATTO blinks in surprise and joy the chair recognises Senior Representative of Naboo, is returning home, which will ensure our victory. Soon

Sith Lord

Sith Lord has swund a death blow with his power pole. JAR JAR bows and looks right at him. The second scout jumps on BOGA. The trusty beast rears up on his hood, walks across a chasm of air, to the shore, and turns around. PADME: You are so many! Do they all did. They were alike in many battles? THREEPIO "Exciting" is hardly the word I would feel better if I were a little tube to the apartment window. C-3PO: The Chancellor's restraints pop loose. ANAKIN: (continuing) He must be very proud. JANGO FETT swing and CRASH onto one

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