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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jan 3, 2024. It is now read-only.


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Due to lack of time, this plugin has been archived. Please switch to mrcjkb/rustaceanvim.


A plugin to improve your rust experience in neovim.

Quick Links


  • neovim 0.7
  • nvim-lspconfig
  • rust-analyzer
  • dot from graphviz (only for crate graph)


using packer.nvim

use 'neovim/nvim-lspconfig'
use 'simrat39/rust-tools.nvim'

-- Debugging
use 'nvim-lua/plenary.nvim'
use 'mfussenegger/nvim-dap'

Look at the configuration information below to get started.


This plugin automatically sets up nvim-lspconfig for rust_analyzer for you, so don't do that manually, as it causes conflicts.

Put this in your init.lua or any lua file that is sourced.

For most people, the defaults are fine, but for advanced configuration, see Configuration.

Example config:

local rt = require("rust-tools")

  server = {
    on_attach = function(_, bufnr)
      -- Hover actions
      vim.keymap.set("n", "<C-space>", rt.hover_actions.hover_actions, { buffer = bufnr })
      -- Code action groups
      vim.keymap.set("n", "<Leader>a", rt.code_action_group.code_action_group, { buffer = bufnr })




Inlay Hints

inlay hints

-- Commands:
-- RustEnableInlayHints
-- RustDisableInlayHints
-- RustSetInlayHints
-- RustUnsetInlayHints

-- Set inlay hints for the current buffer
-- Unset inlay hints for the current buffer

-- Enable inlay hints auto update and set them for all the buffers
-- Disable inlay hints auto update and unset them for all buffers


-- Command:
-- RustRunnables
Expand Macros Recursively

expand macros

-- Command:
-- RustExpandMacro  
Move Item Up/Down

move items

-- Command:
-- RustMoveItemUp    
-- RustMoveItemDown    
local up = true -- true = move up, false = move down
Hover Actions

hover actions Note: To activate hover actions, run the command twice (or your hover keymap if you have hover_with_actions set to true AND are using vim.lsp.buf.hover()). This will move you into the window, then press enter on the selection you want. Alternatively, you can set auto_focus to true in your config and you will automatically enter the hover actions window.

-- Command:
-- RustHoverActions 
Hover Range

Note: Requires rust-analyzer version after 2021-08-02. Shows the type in visual mode when hovering.

-- Command:
-- RustHoverRange 
Open Cargo.toml

open cargo

-- Command:
-- RustOpenCargo
Parent Module

parent module

-- Command:
-- RustParentModule 
Join Lines

join lines

-- Command:
-- RustJoinLines  
Structural Search Replace
-- Command:
-- RustSSR [query]
View Crate Graph
-- Command:
-- RustViewCrateGraph [backend [output]]
require'rust-tools'.crate_graph.view_crate_graph(backend, output)


The options shown below are the defaults. You only need to pass the keys to the setup function that you want to be changed, because the defaults are applied for keys that are not provided.

local opts = {
  tools = { -- rust-tools options

    -- how to execute terminal commands
    -- options right now: termopen / quickfix / toggleterm / vimux
    executor = require("rust-tools.executors").termopen,

    -- callback to execute once rust-analyzer is done initializing the workspace
    -- The callback receives one parameter indicating the `health` of the server: "ok" | "warning" | "error"
    on_initialized = nil,

    -- automatically call RustReloadWorkspace when writing to a Cargo.toml file.
    reload_workspace_from_cargo_toml = true,

    -- These apply to the default RustSetInlayHints command
    inlay_hints = {
      -- automatically set inlay hints (type hints)
      -- default: true
      auto = true,

      -- Only show inlay hints for the current line
      only_current_line = false,

      -- whether to show parameter hints with the inlay hints or not
      -- default: true
      show_parameter_hints = true,

      -- prefix for parameter hints
      -- default: "<-"
      parameter_hints_prefix = "<- ",

      -- prefix for all the other hints (type, chaining)
      -- default: "=>"
      other_hints_prefix = "=> ",

      -- whether to align to the length of the longest line in the file
      max_len_align = false,

      -- padding from the left if max_len_align is true
      max_len_align_padding = 1,

      -- whether to align to the extreme right or not
      right_align = false,

      -- padding from the right if right_align is true
      right_align_padding = 7,

      -- The color of the hints
      highlight = "Comment",

    -- options same as lsp hover / vim.lsp.util.open_floating_preview()
    hover_actions = {

      -- the border that is used for the hover window
      -- see vim.api.nvim_open_win()
      border = {
        { "", "FloatBorder" },
        { "", "FloatBorder" },
        { "", "FloatBorder" },
        { "", "FloatBorder" },
        { "", "FloatBorder" },
        { "", "FloatBorder" },
        { "", "FloatBorder" },
        { "", "FloatBorder" },

      -- Maximal width of the hover window. Nil means no max.
      max_width = nil,

      -- Maximal height of the hover window. Nil means no max.
      max_height = nil,

      -- whether the hover action window gets automatically focused
      -- default: false
      auto_focus = false,

    -- settings for showing the crate graph based on graphviz and the dot
    -- command
    crate_graph = {
      -- Backend used for displaying the graph
      -- see:
      -- default: x11
      backend = "x11",
      -- where to store the output, nil for no output stored (relative
      -- path from pwd)
      -- default: nil
      output = nil,
      -- true for all and external crates, false only the local
      -- crates
      -- default: true
      full = true,

      -- List of backends found on:
      -- Is used for input validation and autocompletion
      -- Last updated: 2021-08-26
      enabled_graphviz_backends = {

  -- all the opts to send to nvim-lspconfig
  -- these override the defaults set by rust-tools.nvim
  -- see
  server = {
    -- standalone file support
    -- setting it to false may improve startup time
    standalone = true,
  }, -- rust-analyzer options

  -- debugging stuff
  dap = {
    adapter = {
      type = "executable",
      command = "lldb-vscode",
      name = "rt_lldb",


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This plugin draws inspiration from akinsho/flutter-tools.nvim