Improved PHP variable dumper with web interface
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phpdumper - improved PHP variable dumper with web interface

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What is it?

Simple variables dumper for easy debugging, instead of standard function var_dump(), analog of FirePHP.


  • Response headers aren't modified, distingueshes of FirePHP
  • Browser-independent
  • All logging advantages: information available at all time and in different environments (stage, production)
  • Posibility of easy debugging of Web-services(REST, JSON, SOAP) in cases you can't do print_r not to break response
  • Convenient web-interface representing information about variables
  • Backlog/trace is implemented
  • Posibility to "stick" debug invokation not to increase number of logging entries
  • Debug panel interface representing both log and target pages

How to use it

Just download, include in your file and invoke Du::mp($your_variable); Dependencies: phpQuery *

    • this is 'all-in-one' distribution, all 3rd party libraries are already included, so that you can use it immediately after including in your project

Author: Alexander Kaupanin