this is a white space and extra char css optimizer that is smiilar to crockfords jsmin. written in c it reads from stdin and writes to stdout. it is fast enough because its in c to process css on the fly or you can concatenate all of your css into a minified file and deliver it
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the goal of this project is to make it easy to call this script and get reasonably
good comment and whitespace stripping from css without other dependancies.

it should just work =). its a utility so the expected use is to shell exec it from your web apps

==== how to use ====
1. checkout repo

2. cd repo dir

3. build and test the app - php is required to run the tests but it will compile without it

4. integrate it into your apps
	$min = `test.css > ./cssmin`;


hey all,
recently i had to work on some client side caching optimization. 

this means send less data compress it and make fewer requests.

i used crockfords jsmin as other more optimized jsmin tools required that 
you use compile flags or failed to support refrences to named anonymous functions

i found that with a new finite state machine and a few css spec based tweeks this jsmin would be perfect for cssmin

thus cssmin

--Ryan Day