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semTools: Useful tools for structural equation modeling

The goal of this package is to collect useful functions for structural equation modeling in a single, easily accessible place. Everyone is invited to send functions to us and we will maintain the functions for you. Click here for the list of all current functionality of this package and the near future development.


[December 3, 2014] Latest Update: semTools, Version 0.4-7

This version is available in KRAN. The OpenMx features were updated to be compatible with version 2.0. We do not guarantee the backward compatibility so some codes in the older version may not work. We also fix the bug in runMI when categorical indicators and exogenous covariates were used simultaneously.

[October 2, 2014] Latest Update: semTools, Version 0.4-6

This version is available in CRAN and KRAN. Many new features were introduced in this version.

  • The quark function is designed to implement the principal component method to reduce the number of auxiliary variables in missing data handling.
  • Effect size measures for partial invariance are added in the partialInvariance and partialInvarianceCat functions. The details of effect size measures can be found by typing vignette("partialInvariance")
  • reliability can find the reliability for categorical indicators using Green and Yang's (2009) method.
  • The maximalRelia function is designed to find maximal reliability of a composite score.
  • The mvrnonnorm function is designed to have similar feature to the mvrnorm function in MASS package but creates nonnormal distribution. This is simply a short cut to the simulateData in lavaan package when users have population means and covariance in a matrix format.
  • Bug fixes for auxiliary and NET.


Everyone is invited to be a developer! Here is the list of current developers.


Sunthud Pornprasertmanit

Patrick Miller

Alexander Schoemann


The project is still under development. The package can be installed by copying this line into the R program:


If you are interested in the source code, please click the code tab. You may install the testing recently developed version from KRAN (KU R Archive Network) by 1) making sure you have the lavaan package in your personal library and 2) copying this line into R program:

install.packages("semTools", repos="", type="source")

Some functions require the OpenMx package. This package is not available on CRAN. Please follow this link to see the download instruction.

Please report any bugs or give me any suggestions by email.


We think that the development of the package is a collaborative work. The maintainers cannot take the credits of others' contributions. If it is possible to cite a paper working on the development of the function, please cite it. Otherwise, please use the following citation:

semTools Contributors. (2014). semTools: Useful tools for structural equation modeling. R package version 0.4-6. Retrived from


Version History


The development of semTools has been supported by the University of Kansas Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis.

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