Seed project for creating apps for WebAPI with Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery and such.
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This is a seed project for creating apps for WebAPI (or equiv) with Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery and such. Includes a gulp file that, if you follow the project directory layout builds a dist version of your app as its default task.


After participating in a couple of pretty heavy angular apps, it became obvious that it's really easy to get lost when it comes to structuring your projects folders and files. Angular-seed is an attempt at solving this by creating a barebone that you may use to quickly get on track, not having to write boilerplate code for standard gulp actions and project defaults as well as giving you a project layout to grow into over time. Do note, however, that this is not a project generator and includes close to no prewritten code, so if that is what you're after - you better look elsewhere. But you're not, right? (cause, you know, where's the fun in that?)

a fair warning

sure, gulp is cool, and many programmers actually prefer to use it to build their project. however, for most use cases, i'd actually prefer to go with webpack for a fresh angular app, as it does a much better job at exposing the wiring of your project, while allowing you to easily organize your project after feature context (what? a module manager that's better at handling modules then a task runner - who would have figured, right?). with that said, however, this seed still provides an excellent backbone for building smaller apps.


  • node.js and npm
  • git
  • bower


$ npm install -g gulp
$ npm install
$ gulp

start a webserver of your favorite flavor and point it to ./dist


Dont forget to check out my project atom-angular-snippets which will save you time during development as well.


I love forks, issues and all that stuff! If you feel that something should be different to what it is today, start an issue or fork the project and send a pull request with your changes. Just remember to write an explanation to why your way rocks (which it probably does)!