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Public Domain Software
Simson L. Garfinkel
Naval Postgraduate School
Last updated December 10, 2012
Except as otherwise noted, bulk_extractor source code files are public domain
The software provided here is released by the Naval Postgraduate
School, an agency of the U.S. Department of Navy. The software bears
no warranty, either expressed or implied. NPS does not assume legal
liability nor responsibility for a User's use of the software or the
results of such use.
Please note that within the United States, copyright protection, under
Section 105 of the United States Code, Title 17, is not available for
any work of the United States Government and/or for any works created
by United States Government employees.
However, because some bulk_extractor source modules (e.g. pyxpress.c)
are covered under the GNU Public License, the compiled bulk_extractor
executable is covered under the GPL copyright. This means that binary
distributions of bulk_extractor must include the full source code (or
have the source code be made easily available.)
bulk_extractor uses some SleuthKit 3 include files. There are present
in the directory src/tsk3.
tsk3 includes are Copyright (C) 2010 Brian Carrier and covered under
the Common Public License 1.0
utf8.h is Copyright 2006 Nemanja Trifunovic
base64_forensic.cpp is Copyright (C) 1996-1999 by Internet Software Consortium, with
portions Copyright (c) 1995 by International Business Machines, Inc.
scan_ascii85.cpp is Copyright (C) 2011 Remy Oukaour
scan_json.cpp is Copyright (c) 2005
pyxpress.c is Copyright 2008 (c) Matthieu Suiche. <msuiche[at]>
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